December 17, 2009

News: UNDERCOVERS Finds Male Lead

Maybe it's thanks to Chuck or because I'm on a J.J. Abrams kick, but I'm really excited about the new NBC show, The Undercovers.  The show is supposed to be about a husband and wife that are CIA agents, and it's being described as Mr. and Mrs. Smith crossed with The Bourne Identity.

The male lead has been cast, and they went with Boris Kodjoe.  While I cannot say that I'm familiar with his work, he does seem like a good choice for the part.  At least if you ask the ladies...

I can totally see him as a kick-ass spy, and I'm really interested to see who is picked to be his wife.  Unfortunately, the possibilities are not endless because I doubt they'd cast two black leads on a major network show.

When this news broke I remember being pleasantly surprised that NBC went with an attractive, black man as the lead.  I also remember being saddened by the fact that I was surprised, but the truth is you rarely see many leading men of color on networks unless they're a part of a larger ensemble.  Some experts are calling this choice "bold", but it shouldn't have to be considered so daring.  Too bad it is.

Aside from the social implications, I think Kodjoe has the leading man looks and an impressive resume, and I'm confident that he'll be great.  I just hope others are willing to be open-minded about the show and its cast.


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