April 25, 2010

Top 5 Most Anticipated '10-'11 Pilots

The Hollywood Reporter posted a status report on the slate of pilots being shot for the 2010-2011 U.S. network TV fall schedule. For some reason, I'm really excited for the upcoming pilot season (more evidence that I'm fully addicted to TV), and there are some shows that are starting to stand out to me:

5. Mr. Sunshine (ABC)
The ABC sitcom will bring Matthew Perry back to primetime network TV, and people are already pairing Mr. Sunshine with Cougar Town since both involve Friends alums. I hope ABC is more creative, but they do have a hole to fill now since Hank was D.O.A. I don't know if Sunshine will mesh with the rest of the Wednesday night block since they are family oriented, but there are talks of ABC trying another comedy block like CBS has been trying to do for the last couple of seasons. All I know is I'll watch anything Matthew Perry does, so I'm already planning on tuning in.

4. Midland (FOX)
(West Texas + Con-Men) x FOX = Intrigue. I'll admit it, the main draw for me is the fact that this show is probably going to take place in my hometown of Midland, TX (even though they will not be filming there). The fact that the show involves con-men is just gravy. I don't know where FOX will put this show since it doesn't sound like the edgier drama fare that we're used to, but I'll check it out until it's canceled.

3. Nomads (The CW)
Next-Gen CIA spies pulling off missions while backpacking across the world is a premise that has piqued my interest. Nomads is pretty much going to be a spy show aimed directly at a younger audience, and it could work. Plus it's one of the few shows on the CW that guys will actually watch, so I'm interested to see how things shake out.

2. Breakout Kings (FOX)
Every branch of law enforcement has a procedural show on the airwaves, so it was a matter of time until the U.S. Marshalls got their own show. What makes this show stand out is the fact that it's about ex-fugitives that are recruited to work for the organization that traditionally hunts them down. I'm a big fan of the bad-guys turned good-guys genre (Leverage for example), so I'm really pumped about this show, and I hope it catches on. I can see this show working well with Bones, House, or Human Target (if FOX brings it back).

1. Undercovers (NBC)
J.J. Abrams goes back to the spy world with his Mr. & Mrs Smith-esque Undercovers. Spy shows are usually pretty entertaining, and Abrams has a proven track record of being a hit-maker, so Undercovers seems to be a natural keeper. I just hope Chuck is still around so NBC can have an all-spy night.


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