March 24, 2011

Quick Thoughts: 30 ROCK, "Plan B"

After a few less than stellar episodes, 30 Rock came back with a great installment that focused on what the show does best: entertainment/big business satire with just the right amount of Liz and Jack brilliance.

Liz's plot line about not having a back up plan if TGS gets cancelled was both relevant in this day an age (people becoming unemployed without knowing how to do anything besides their current profession) and a great dig at the current landscape of television. Sure, blaming reality TV for the death of scripted entertainment has been done by this show before, but it rarely gets old. Seeing Liz be visited by those from obsolete careers was brilliant, although having one be an American auto worker seemed a tad too much. Also, the Aaron Sorkin/Liz Lemon walk 'n talk was too good to be true.

Jack's story about his continued struggles with the Kabletown merger was also good stuff because it brought us back to the season long arc, but it also gave us a reason to see Devon Banks again. While I've never been a big Will Arnett fan, some of his best work has been as Banks, so it was nice having him back even if it was just an excuse to have Jack gay set him up for some killer lines. Their intsy bitsy spider showdown was also some of the funniest television this season. Good stuff.

What made "Plan B" work was the fact that it mostly focused on Jack and Liz, and didn't waste time on the peripheral characters like Frank or Jenna. Having a strong supporting cast is vital, but at the end of the day I only care about the two main characters and their relationship with one another.


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