September 28, 2011

The Small Screen Podcast, Episode 5: The MEAT of the Fall Season

Week 2 of the Fall Premieres has come and gone, and Kristal and I tried to keep up. This time around we talked about ratings, the return of the sitcom, as well as the shows that we watched and what we're looking forward to this week.

Episode Breakdown:

Intros: Start-1:13

TV News: 1:13-13:15
  • New Girl's debut ratings: 1:13-6:03
  • The Rise of the Sitcom: 6:03-8:49
  • NBC's Struggles: 8:49-13:15
What We're Watching (SPOILER ALERT): 13:15-49:46
  • Glee: 13:50-23:37
  • Nikita: 23:37-26:14
  • How I Met Your Mother: 26:15-32:43
  • 2 Broke Girls: 32:43-36:24
  • Modern Family: 36:24-42:25
  • Saturday Night Live: 42:25-44:56
  • Revenge: 44:56-49:46
What We're Looking Forward To: 49:46-57:23
  • Happy Endings: 49:46-54:01
  • Suburgatory and ABC Wednesday Nights: 54:01-57:23
Closing: 57:23-End

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