November 11, 2011

Episode Review: CHUCK, "Chuck vs.The Frosted Tips"

So far Season 5 of Chuck hasn't started off on the right foot, but it looks like it may have righted the ship with "Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips." Yes, I still had problems with Morgan, but at least it pushed the story forward in a believable manner.

Sarah and Casey were on a mission that turned out to be a way for Casey to run into Verbanski so he could ask her out on a date. Instead of asking her, he planted a camera/bug on her as a way to do some recon work before he took the big step. While Casey and Sarah were staking Gertrude, Morgan and Chuck met up with General Beckman so she could hire Carmichael Industries to capture the operator of a whistle-blowing website.

Back at Castle, the hidden camera that Casey had planted on Verbanski picked up a conversation between her and Morgan, and it became clear that the Intersect jumped ship to the competition. When they confronted him, he just blew them off and blamed them for his betrayal because they didn't use him enough. As an added twist of the dagger, Morgan broke up with Alex via text and stole their mission to take with him to Verbanski Corp.

After Chuck, Sarah, and Casey infiltrated Verbankski's compound to get back their mission, General Beckman informed Sarah that she was not the one who gave Chuck the Intersect sunglasses that Morgan put on at the end of Season 4. As it turned out, the new Intersect had a Trojan horse built in that messed with Morgan's head and caused him to act erratically, and Chuck was able to help Morgan realize what was going on with him as Carmichael Industries and Verbanski Corp teamed up to take down the target.

I know that the writers gave us the reason for why Morgan was acting the way he had been over the past few episodes, but that didn't make watching him any easier. My threshold for Morgan has always been low, and this particular version had me hoping that he would be killed off sooner than later. Now, I doubt that they ever do that to the character, but you get where I'm coming from. I'm just glad that it looks like Intersect Morgan will be on his way out, but I'm interested to see if they're going to write out the Intersect altogether because they have shown that Chuck's become a capable agent without it. My guess is Chuck will be Intersected again before the show's run is over, but I also wouldn't be opposed to it not being brought back.

"Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips" was only an OK Morgan  episode, but it was a great Casey episode. Watching Casey get all nervous around Verbanski was cute, and I'm happy when his gruff exterior is chipped away. Ditto for the scene between him and Alex after Morgan dumped her. In the past, episodes that revolved around Casey were great because they focused on how much of a bad-assness, but "Frosted Tips" was even better because it showed his more human side, which will always be welcomed.

The Buy More B-plot dealt with Devon transitioning from a full-time doctor to a stay at home dad, which gave him a case of cabin fever. To occupy his mind and time, he headed over to the Buy More where he found Jeff almost dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. After a quick check-up, Dr. Awesome prescribed that Jeff no longer live in his van with the engine running, which led to a more coherent Buy Moron.

I didn't think that this week's Buy More story was as good as last week's, but I liked how it somewhat paralleled the main plot with the change of Jeff's persona mirroring that of Morgan's. I also liked how Awesome brought home the message of the episode about not letting a job define you as a person. Yeah, the moral may have been a little heavy handed but still appreciated.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • We need more scenes of just Sarah and Casey.
  • Casey using spy technology to learn about his crush was a weird move, but also oddly romantic.
  • Being a stay at home down seems like a pretty sweet deal.
  • Better Father: John Casey or Burt Hummel? Debate.
  • I liked Sarah's role as the voice of reason.
  • Lester with a child was such a disturbing sight.
  • Casey and Gertrude fighting/flirting was kinda hot.
  • Blatant Matrix Rip-Off Count: 1
  • A Kill Order on Morgan? Interesting.
  • "Perving out on Gertrude? Weird move Casey."
  • "What do you want me to do? Want me to kill him cause I'll kill him. Better yet, let's keep him alive. You can work him over for a while. Yeah."
  • "Morgan just pantsed us!"
  • "If I take the Smith & Wesson, it'd show her that I'm rugged and dependable. Bring the SIG, it says I'm cool and sophisticated. I'll just take them both."
"Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips" will not make the pantheon of great Chuck episodes, but it was a definite step in the right direction for the young fifth season. It continued to show us that there's something fishy going on in the C.I.A. and how it could impact the team, and it also addressed the reality that Morgan as the Intersect was not the best of moves. Let's just hope the writers can keep the momentum going.


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