November 29, 2011

News: Ricky Martin on GLEE

Here we go again. Apparently, Ryan Murphy and Company have gone back on their pledge to cut down on the high-profile guest spots because it was reported that Glee will be bringing in Ricky Martin for a two-episode stint in 2012. The ex-Menudo heart-throb will be playing yet another singing Spanish teacher and will be headlining his own musical numbers.

Outrage is probably the most common knee-jerk reaction that some Gleeks are having right about now because complaining about stunt-casting has become the in-thing to do amongst the fandom. I for one don't really mind and think that the backlash is a bit silly. It's not like any of these actors make that much of an impact on the show at large, and those that do have been incorporated into the world fairly well (Gwyneth Paltrow is debatable.) Plus, it's not like Glee's the only show that relies heavily on stunt-casting (listen to Episode 9 of "The Small Screen Podcast" for my thoughts on Chuck and its guest stars.)

I'll say that the idea of Ricky Martin showing up in Lima is not going to make me want to watch those episodes any more or less, and he'll probably not leave a huge mark on the Glee-verse but I'm sure he'll at least bring something....hopefully.


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