February 27, 2012

Quick Thoughts: BEING HUMAN, "The Ties That Blind"

Once again, Being Human proved that its at its best when it focuses on the relationship between the three leads and minimally incorporates all of the outside drama that surrounds them. While Season 2 has had its share of bumps along the way, "The Ties That Bind" was definitely a welcomed return to form.

Obviously, I loved everything about the Aidan and Josh A-plot because not only did it have a lot of tension built in, but it was also allowed the viewers to see how their relationship has changed. When they started out, they were trying to "be human" together, but things have changed. Aidan has the vampire council stuff going on while Josh's trying to save Nora, so their other obligations are interfering which was why Josh had no problem pinning the attempted murder of the twins on Aidan. While I didn't agree with that move, it made sense based on what we know about Josh, and it'll be interesting to see how Aidan responds. In the end, they still had each other's backs, which was all that mattered, but things are probably forever changed.

The Sally B-plot about her fighting off Danny's ghost and finding out what was going on with the reaper was also good, but it also fell a little short. So far this season, Sally's been all over the place, so it was hard to take anything too seriously because more than likely whatever happened would be dropped by next week's episode. The Danny stuff was kind of misplaced, but I'm glad that she learned more about the reaper, and that lost shot of her working up the courage to say goodbye to Aidan and Josh was heartbreaking. While I didn't love everything that Sally was involved in, it ended strongly.

"The Ties That Blind" was a nice reminder of how good this show can be when it gets back to the relationships and doesn't get lost in extraneous plotlines. I know that Being Human needs storylines to keep things moving, but I'd seriously just watch Sally, Aidan and Josh just shoot the shit all night. It wouldn't get ratings, but it would be pretty entertaining.


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