May 10, 2012

Quick Thoughts: COMMUNITY, "Curriculum Unavailable"

It seems like this season of Community has had a lot of sequel episodes. For example, this week's "Curriculum Unavailable" was pretty much a repeat of last year's "Paradigms of Human Memory" since they both relied on flashbacks which gave them a "clip show" vibe.

What I thought worked better in "Curriculum" was the story of the Study Group vouching for Abed mostly because it was an actual plot rather than just a bunch of random scenes thrown together which was what "Paradigms" felt like. It also pushed the larger story arc further (Chang taking over Greendale) which is always nice.

I don't know if I can say that "Curriculum Unavilable" was better than "Paradigms of Human Memory," but I can say that I enjoyed it more.


Anonymous said...

Love the review! It’s hard to compare it to “Paradigms of Human Memory” and decide which one you like more, but what “Curriculum Unavailable” really had going for it was it has a clear, concise thread of narrative going all the way through it. This episode told a story around the flash-back gag. That was something I really loved about “Curriculum”, and was an element of “Paradigms” that was missing. I’ve re-watched this new episode with one my coworkers here at Dish a couple times already, using My favorite scenes include Garrett the pre-cog, Britta on peyote, and everything in the asylum.

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