May 7, 2012

TV Report Card: Week of April 29, 2012

Here is this week's very abbreviated TV Report Card:

How I Met Your Mother: "Good Crazy"
Very Quick Thoughts: I enjoyed most of the scenes involving Barney hanging out with the guys, but there was too much Lily and not enough of "real" Robin. GRADE: C-

Smash: "Tech"
Very Quick Thoughts: Most of the behind-the-scenes stuff worked, but I still don't care about the personal lives of any of these horrible people. GRADE: D

Castle: "Undead Again"
Very Quick Thoughts: You'd think that Castle + zombies would be a can't miss combination, but this episode was only OK. At least it looks like we're getting closer to the end of the will they/won't they non-sense. GRADE: C+

Glee: "Choke"
Very Quick Thoughts: Really liked Puck's story line, didn't care too much about Rachel bombing her NYADA audition and I was bummed that the show mishandled Beiste's domestic violence subplot but it can be salvaged. GRADE: C+

New Girl: "Backslide"
Very Quick Thought: I'm not a big fan of Paul, so I didn't enjoy having him back although Asian Jess was cute. The Schmidt/Cece stuff was cute, but Nick's rekindled relationship with Caroline wasn't since it's obviously a stall. Not the show's best episode. GRADE: C+

Modern Family: "Planes, Trains and Cars"
Very Quick Thoughts: Splitting the characters into the natural familial units never works. For the most part, I liked the Dunphys' story but couldn't stand everything else. How is this show still so popular? GRADE: C-

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23: "The Wedding"
Very Quick Thoughts: The writers figured out how to make June more tolerable: team her up with the Beek. Speaking of JVDB, he was amazing per usual. I even liked the depth that Chloe was given. Pretty solid episode. GRADE: B

Community: "Course Listing Unavailable"
Very Quick Thoughts: I was a little annoyed by how Starburns' death was glossed over since it was an opportunity for some serious character development. Troy was pretty great though, and I'm still liking his could be relationship with Britta. GRADE: C+

The Vampire Diaries: "Before Sunset"
Very Quick Thoughts: Honestly, I cannot remember what happened during this week's episode, but I'm sure someone died ... again. GRADE: C-

Nikita: "Dead Drop"
Very Quick Thoughts: Way too much of Alex and Sean, so I was immediately turned off by the episode. I'm sure everything else was decent enough, but I couldn't tell because I was too busy rolling my eyes and yawning thanks to Alex and Sean. GRADE: C-

Grimm: "Happily Ever Aftermath"
Very Quick Thoughts: I didn't think Grimm could botch Cinderella, but it somehow managed to. This episode spent way too much time on the people involved in the case of the week and not enough of Nick and Monroe. GRADE: C-

So there you have it. Another shotgun version of the TV Report Card. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay on top of things this upcoming week so I can churn out a decent installment.


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