July 16, 2012

My Dream Emmy Ballot: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

As you can see, my Dream Emmy Ballot experiment took a backseat to real life. I still want to get these out before the Emmy nomination announcements on July 19, so I'm giving it the old college try. Next up is Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. I decided to have some fun with this one, and some of my nominees might be both shocking and not-so-shocking all at the same time.

Remember, these picks are my "wouldn't it be nice" nominees and not real predictions because it's just easier to dream than try to face reality. If you want more legit insights, I'm sure you can find some online.

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
While I jumped on the 30 Rock bandwagon fairly late, I quickly understood why the show's stars got so much hype, and to be honest Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are the two main reason I keep watching. Baldwin had another fantastic season as Jack Donaghy figured out what to do about his marriage while keeping his relationship with Liz Lemon the most entertaining thing on television. Baldwin may have conceded his throne to Jim Parsons, but he should be nominated for as long as 30 Rock's on air.

Louis C.K., Louie
I've only watched a handful of Louie episodes, but even I could tell that what Louis C.K.'s doing is something special and he should be given all of the respect and accolades in the world. While I cannot say that I was in love with everything I've seen to date, I can say that C.K. wowed me at every turn, so it was easy for me to include him on my dream Emmy ballot.

Garret Dillahunt, Raising Hope
Raising Hope's not as cutting edge or flashy as some of the "best" comedies on television, but it's become one of the consistently funny ones, and it's largely due to Garret Dillahunt's Burt Chance. I don't really see Dillahunt as a "lead" per se, but since he and Martha Plimpton submitted themselves as such, I went ahead and put him on my list. What's great about Dillahunt's performance is it's broad and slapsticky, but warm and genuine. You really can't beat the combination.

Zachary Levi, Chuck
Hey, it's my dream ballot and if I want to include Chuck on it, then I have every right to. Anyone who reads this silly little blog or listens to my podcast knows how much Chuck has meant to me, so of course I'm going to show it some love on my make believe Emmy ballot. Since Levi was the glue that held Chuck together, it only makes sense to tap him as the show's representative, but he also deserves it.

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
Honestly, I really couldn't come up with a sixth person to nominate, so I decided to go with the reigning champion. While I haven't been as big of a fan of Big Bang as I used to be, I still get a kick out of Parson's Sheldon Cooper. I haven't loved it that he's been saddled with Blossom, and I've been upset that we've gotten less and less of him with Penny, but he still makes me laugh more than the other guys on the show.

Adam Scott, Parks and Recreation
I really wasn't a huge fan of Scott's work pre-Parks and Rec (Party Down was overrated, get over it), and he really didn't wow me during the early days of his P&R stint, but he can into his own during this last season. Plus, it can't be easy to be the straight man on a show like Parks, but he did an admirable job and deserves just as much love as Poehler and Offerman.

So there you have it. Those would be my top six contenders for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series if I controlled the Emmys. Agree? Disagree? Who would your nominess be?


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