August 21, 2012

The Small Screen Podcast, Episode 33: A GRIMM Start to the New Season

"The Small Screen Podcast" is back for Episode 33. Even though it was a pretty slow week in terms of shows and news, Kristal and I ended up talking a lot about some of the recent trailers that hit the web and what we've been watching. Somehow, we turned videos that lasted a few seconds into long discussions, which do contain some spoilers, so check out the breakdown if you don't want to learn certain plot details. You've been warned.

Episode Breakdown:

Intros: Start - 1:12

TV News/Trailers (SPOILER WARNING): 1:13 - 18:25
  • Revenge, Season 2: 1:25 - 3:31
  • American Horror Story, Season 2: 3:33 - 8:28
  • Glee, Season 4: 8:29 - 16:21
  • Homeland, Season 2: 16:22 - 18:25
What We're Watching: 18:26 - 47:20
  • Falling Skies: 18:27 - 23:07
  • So You Think You Can Dance: 23:08 - 32:42
  • Grimm: 32:43 - 47:08
    • NOTE: After recording, I learned that "The Second Coming" is not about the Apocalypse but about post-war Europe. Apologies to Yeats fans.
Closing: 47:21 - End

Check out the episode below, or download it over at iTunes:

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Thanks for the download. I was lucky i found the podcast so early. WordPress Podcast Template

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