September 12, 2012

Quick Thoughts: WHITE COLLAR, "Gloves Off"

It's very rare that I outright dislike an episode of a television show that I like, but I came awfully close to hating almost everything about "Gloves Off."

First off, the case of the week was boring. Maybe it's because I'm Boiler Room-ed out, but shady Wall Street plotlines were fun to watch over a decade ago, but the gimmick loses some punch when Dawson's Creek picks up on the trend. So, right off the bat "Gloves Off" felt very dated, which isn't to say that insider trading doesn't exist today, but things were made worse by the awfully asinine boxing overtones. Yes, having Neal and Peter get in the ring was an unsubtle way to allude to the on-going arc, but it was laughably bad and unnecessary. Really, it all felt like a cheap excuse to get Matt Bomer's shirt off... again.

Stupid Ali-Foreman references aside, there were a few bright spots during the episode. Now, I actually like the season long mystery, so I was happy that "Gloves Off" really focused on it, I just wish it had done so in a less comical way. Also, in the past I've been irked by Peter's continued mistrust of Neal, so kind of blowing up that relationship worked for me. We all know the two will be on somewhat chummy terms in the near future, but I'm all for some outright hostility.

Look, I appreciate the fact that Matt Bomer's got a nice body, but this show needs to try to be expose him in more believable ways because even though he was Bryce Larkin, he does not have a tough man vibe that I associate with boxers. Regardless, "Gloves Off" was a rare misfire from a show that tends to get it right nine times out of ten.


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