November 25, 2012

TV Report Card: Week of November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving seriously cut into my time, so this is going to be a very bare-bones edition of the TV Report Card.

The Walking Dead, "Hounded"
I bought the bait-and-switch involving Rick and the phone calls, but I could've done without Woodbury and Merle's hunting party for Michonne. GRADE: B-

Homeland: "I'll Fly Away"
I'm always going to be a fan of Carrie and Brody on their own, but Dana's story took a slight step back, and who didn't see Nazir showing up at the end of the episode? GRADE: B

How I Met Your Mother: "The Stamp Tramp"
It wasn't the worst episode ever, but it still wasn't any good. When are the writers going to learn that trying to come up with new pop culture catchphrases and strained sports metaphors can only go so far? GRADE: D

Castle: "After Hours"
An episode that takes Kate and Rick into the depths of NYC after midnight should be exciting, but this one was only OK. GRADE: B

Raising Hope: "Candy Wars"
One of the funniest episodes of television so far. GRADE: A-

Ben and Kate: "Reunion"
I was happy that it wasn't a full Thanksgiving episode, and I liked that we got more of Will, but the BJ and Ben stuff was so tired. GRADE: B-

Happy Endings: "More Like Stanksgiving"
Happy Endings isn't the new Friends yet, but some more Thanksgiving episodes like this one and it could get there. Plus, The Real World: Sacramento and Dave facing the hardships of his Native American brethren. Funny stuff. GRADE: B+

Go On: "Dinner Takes All"
I was expecting more from Lauren Graham, and we did not get enough of Carrie. I have a feeling I'm going to be constantly let down by this show's criminal under-utilization of that character. GRADE: B-

New Girl: "Parents"
It was OK. I appreciated how the episode tried to subvert the idea of Jess and Nick, and I liked the dueling Schmidts, but overall it was decent enough. GRADE: B-

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23: "It's a Miracle..."
Chloe was better this time around than usual, but James Van Deer Beek was wasted in spite of him having a few good lines and moments. GRADE: B

The New Normal: "Pardon Me"
This one was hard to sit through because the main characters came off as kind of selfish. Usually, that's not a bad thing, but it didn't work this time around. GRADE: C+

American Horror Story: Asylum, "The Origins of Monstrosity"
Sure, there was a lot of exposition but the episode was twisted enough to keep things interesting. Quinto was creepy as all get out, and we got to see a priest use his Rosary as a whip/garrote. GRADE: B

Glee: "Dynamic Duets"
Probably one of the best episodes in a long time because it successfully meshed theme, music and story. Yes, Glee's always done that but it wasn't as clunky this time around. GRADE: A-

So, there you have a very rushed and to the point TV Report Card. Hopefully, I'll be able to dedicated more time to next week's. See you then.


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