March 9, 2013

Quick Thoughts: GRIMM, "Face Off"

After almost four months off the air, Grimm came back to Friday nights with a solid episode that didn't shy away from mythology or what makes this show special.

It would've been easy for those in charge of Grimm to put out a more accessible episode that featured the procedural aspects of the show as a way to hook more viewers, but it decided to progress the season long story and push things along by exposing the fact that Renard's been keeping tabs on Nick since day one. You got to respect that move, and it was a nice pay off to top things off as we saw the captain confess that he's not really the enemy. Plus, it was nice having Rosalee back in PDX, and of course Monroe was amazing as always. I could've done without Juliette and Renard's kinky foreplay, and that last shot of Adalind looking at a pregnancy test was too much, but it's Grimm so I guess I can let it slide.

So, it was a nice return for Grimm, and it was good to have the show back. Let's just hope it can keep its modest ratings level so we can get a third season.


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