May 7, 2013

Quick Thoughts: THE VOICE, "Live Playoffs"

Now that the Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, and Knockouts are done, it's time for me to start writing about The Voice. It's not that I don't like the previous rounds of the competition (Blinds are still fun), but things really get interesting when the show goes live. Each team has been whittled down to four, and it's up to America to determine who goes on. I'm going to do my best to figure out who that's going to be, but please remember that I know nothing about music.

Team Adam
The clear frontrunner this season has to be Judith Hill, and she's probably still the one to beat even though I didn't love her performance of "Feeling Good" due to her diva-ness. Amber Carrington should be a close second, but her version of "Stay" was just good and too Cassadee Pope in my opinion, while Sarah Simmons truly surprised me with "Angel." It's too bad that my favorite of the competition, Caroline Glaser, underwhelmed with "The A Team" because she made it too coffee shop.

Live Playoff Rankings:
1. Judith Hill
2. Sarah Simmons
3. Amber Carrington
4. Caroline Glaser

Team Blake
Blake turned The Voice into a hootenanny by having all of his artists sing country music. Holly Tucker came out of nowhere with a great rendition of "How Do I Live" and may have leap-frogged Danielle Bradbery whose "Maybe It Was Memphis" was good but not great. The Swon Brothers and Justin Rivers had more entertaining performances, but neither strayed too far away from "Fishin' In the Dark" and "Meet in the Middle" respectively. Between the two, I'd give Justin Rivers a slight edge because he's a solo act, but it's really a toss up.

Live Playoff Rankings:
1. Holly Tucker
2. Danielle Bradbery
3. Justin Rivers
4. The Swon Brothers

Team Shakira
Shakira's team is probably me least favorite, but it's eclectic enough to keep me interested. Plus, she's so freaking cute! Garrett Gardner finally showed me what Shakira's seen in him since day one with his take on "Imagine" and he could go far when it's all said and done. Kris Thomas could also have a long run in him thanks to a good showing with "When I Was Your Man." The only weak link in Team Shakira is Karina Iglesias, and her "Let's Stay Together" was ambitious but fell short. And then there's Sasha Allen, who could be the one to upset Judith Hill, and her version of "Oh! Darling" did not disappoint.

Live Playoff Rankings:
1. Sasha Allen
2. Garrett Gardner
3. Kris Thomas
4. Karina Iglesias

Team Usher
I suppose Team Usher could also contend for the most diverse team title, but I don't quite get where he's going with them. Josiah Hawley did fine with "Starlight" while Cáthia and VEDO failed to impress with their performances of "I Have Nothing" and "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)." Last but not least, Michelle Chamuel killed it with "True Colors" and could be a real dark horse.

Live Playoff Rankings:
1. Michelle Chamuel
2. Josiah Hawley
4. Cáthia

And again, I want to make things even more convoluted and arbitrary, so I'm going to put together my own power rankings which will probably morph into a Top Five at some point. Remember, this is just for fun and I have no idea what I'm talking about, so don't get too upset with me.

My Power Rankings
16. Cáthia (Team Usher)
15. Karina Iglesias (Team Shakira)
14. The Swon Brothers (Team Blake)
13. Caroline Glaser (Team Adam)
12. VEDO (Team Usher)
11. Justin Rivers (Team Blake)
10. Josiah Hawley (Team Usher)
9. Kris Thomas (Team Shakira)
8. Garrett Gardner (Team Shakira)
7. Sarah Simmons (Team Adam)
6. Holly Tucker (Team Blake)
5. Michelle Chamuel (Team Usher)
4. Amber Carrington (Team Adam)
3. Danielle Bradbery (Team Blake)
2. Sasha Allen (Team Shakira)
1. Judith Hill (Team Adam)

So there's my first write-up for The Voice Season 4, and while it's been fun up until this point, it feels like the talent's lacking this go round or everyone's on the same level because no one's really pulled ahead besides Judith Hill. That said, I pegged Trevin Hunte and Jesse Campbell as early favorites, and we all know how they turned out.


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