January 21, 2014

Episode Review: JUSTIFIED, "Good Intentions"

Much like last week, only some of "Good Intentions" worked for me, and unsurprisingly the stuff I did like involved the man in the cowboy hat.

Raylan spent most of the episode trying to get to know Allison (Loretta's social worker) better, but he was continually blocked by unsavory characters like the father of one of her former cases and the rich guy, Monroe, whose house he was living in. Heck, he even had to put up with Rachel because she was assigned by Art to babysit him. On top of it all, he somehow roped Wynn Duffy into the whole mess involving Monroe.

Speaking of Wynn, he had his own set of problems as he and Boyd tried to figure out who ripped them off. It was obvious to him that it was one of the dealers, so they interrogated one of them and found out that a hooker who's working for his cousin Johnny was responsible for the hijacking. Meanwhile, Boyd still had to deal with the mail order bride and getting Ava out of prison.

Oh, and Daryl started his scheme to takeover Dewey's whorehouse.

I'm just going to say it again: I do not care about anything involving Boyd. I don't care about his drugs. I don't care about Ava. I don't care about the foreign lady. I just don't care. The only shining light in an otherwise black hole of storytelling has been Wynn Duffy, and even his best moments involved Raylan. I take that back. Him shooting an air rifle at the drug dealer was pretty classic.

On the flip side, Raylan once again saved the episode because Timothy Olyphant pretty much oozes charisma and has dynamite chemistry with everyone he shares the screen with. The prime example of his super power was how he made me believe that Amy Smart belonged in the Justified world. And then there were those dynamite scenes with Rachel. Good stuff all around. The sooner Raylan meets up with Boyd the better.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • I could watch Wynn shoot scumbags with a BB gun all day long.
  • Yes Boyd, it can be a powerful thing.
  • Watching Monroe with his girlfriend was just disturbing.
  • The only thing I care less about than Boyd's situation is Dewey's.
  • "What?"
  • "Call me if you're going to be late for supper."
So another episode of Justified, and it was more of the same. Raylan was the saving grace while Boyd was stuck in a storyline that's doing him very little favors. Luckily, from the looks of it the two will be reunited sooner than later which can only mean good things.


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