January 28, 2014

Episode Review: JUSTIFIED, "Over the Mountain"

I've been waiting all season long for Raylan and Boyd to hook up on Justified, which finally happened in "Over the Mountain," and they're moments together were great but they were surrounded by so much junk that it was hard to really enjoy the episode.

It was revealed that Wade Messer had been stealing from Audrey's at the end of "Good Intentions," and it was up to Dewey Crowe to kill him. The episode started off with Dewey doing just that but things went sideways, and to make matters worse we learned that Messer was a confidential informant helping the feds build a case on Boyd. Since Raylan had a history with all of the parties involved, he was tasked with finding Messer after he didn't check in, so he spent the majority of the episode questioning the likes of Boyd and the Crowes.

Elsewhere, Boyd had a sit-down with Cousin Johnny before learning that he was in league with Hot Rod Dunham, Ava was almost assaulted by a prison guard, and Art continued to look into the death of Nicky Augustine.

The Crowes are still underwhelming as a season-long crime family, so it was hard for me to really get invested in anything that had to do with Dewey, Daryl, or Wade, and unfortunately they had the lion's share of the episode. Yet I cannot complain too much because we did get to see Raylan and Boyd verbally spar, and the idea of Art getting closer to finding out that Raylan had a hand in Nicky's death is exciting. It's just a shame that we're saddled with the Crowes.

Other Odds and Ends:

  • The subplot involving Ava and the prison guard was just off-putting and odd. I'm not looking forward to where this will take us.
  • I am liking Will Sasso as a Canadian gangster though.
  • Oh yeah, we're not done with the rich guy and his mail order bride. Dang it.
I have to keep hoping that this season of Justified is building to some really awesome moments because it's been largely disappointing up to this point. I still believe that the show's capable of being one of the best dramas on TV, but my faith will start to waver if we get too much of the Crowes and not enough of everything else.


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