November 26, 2008

My Chopping Block

I'm not going to lie...Pushing Daisies not getting a full season pick-up and essentially being cancelled still has me pretty raw. I can honestly say that PD is the first show I really dug that got cancelled prematurely. Usually, I don't find these shows until after they're dead and gone (i.e. Firefly and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip). There is still a small part of me holding on to hope that Daisies will somehow be resurrected like one of the many corpses that graced the show. It's not very likely since it seems like it cannot find viewers to save its life. PD's premature cancellation got me to thinking about which shows I've cut out from my viewing schedule:

Made the Cut:
Chuck: Right now, Chuck is by far my favorite show on TV. I'm just a sucker for Chuck's innocent goofiness, Sarah is extremely easy on the eyes, and Casey might be the best character since...well, Jayne from Firefly. Sure, the stories are outrageous, the action can be hokey, but it's a lot of fun. Chuck is also one of the few shows that I've been watching since day one. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the best of timeslots. This season, Chuck's been taking a ratings whooping from Dancing with the Stars, and The Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother. I hope it picks up some viewers to avoid joining Daisies.

How I Met Your Mother: I was a little skeptical about HIMYM because last season was lacking the creativity and charm that it had during seasons 1 & 2. Also, the thought of Robin being with Barney upset me. I just don't think they're right for one another. Just because they share some interests doesn't mean they're bound to be a couple. I have enjoyed watching Barney grow as a character though, and he's had some pretty classic moments with Lily. Honestly, I'm more entertained by Barney's relationship with Lily over his longing over Robin. This season started off slowly once again, but it's picked up some steam, and I'm loving it all over again.

Greek: I'll admit it, I'm a fan of this tween dramedy on ABC Family. Really, I just think it's the first entertaining show about college life, and it's not just about Greek life to boot. What it comes down to is this show is just fun to watch, although the Cartwrights can get annoying every once in a while.

Hanging on by a Thread:
Heroes: I know that I'm not alone on the "What Happened to this Show" bandwagon, but for some reason I cannot quit this show. I have stopped recording it because my DVR's too busy on Monday nights, but I do try to catch it on Hulu. This season is not getting any better, and this show might get the axe sooner than later. Hopefully, Pushing Daisies loss will be Heroes' gain once Bryan Fuller returns to the show.

House: This show is quickly becoming stale and insufferable. While Hugh Laurie is brilliant, the shtick is getting old. Also, House and Cuddy making out just turned me off to the show, and I'm out of here if they actually become a couple. I do like watching the old team back together though.

CSI: Grissom and gang are in the same boat as House et al. This show used to be addicting, and I couldn't get enough. Too bad it's getting just as tiresome as House. Ironically, Grissom leaving might actually get me interested again. I'm just glad Sara is finally gone!

The Simpsons: America's favorite animated family continues its downward spiral. I still tune in, but it's more out of loyalty rather than being entertained.

Gone and Forgotten:
The Office: I only made it a few episodes into the new season before I clicked off the TV. I just cannot stand this show anymore. The thing is, I really cannot pinpoint what it is about this show that I don't like anymore. It's just something that just annoys me.

Fringe: I watched a few episodes, and was mildly entertained early on. Then I just stopped paying attention, and I haven't given this series much afterthought.

This fall was chalk full of some good shows that I just had to sit down and watched. It looks like my TV viewing schedule will be getting a lot lighter this mid-season, and in some instances it's not due to choice.


Jennifer Roland said...

I'm a fellow Greek fan. It always feels a little embarrassing to admit it, though. I guess ABC Family still has a bit of the Family Channel taint to it for me.

Marcos said...

I was a little embarrassed too, but I was entertained, so I figured why hide it anymore.

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