November 13, 2008

My Mid-Season Clusterfrick

It's almost that time of year, mid-season on network TV. Usually, mid-season has little to no buzz, but I'm actually excited this year because Scrubs will start its new life on ABC.

Unfortunately, this mid-season might be a downer for some of my other favorite shows; namely Pushing Daisies. Apparently, PD's second season numbers are drastically lower compared to last season, which could spell doom for the Pie Maker. According to Wikipedia, Daisies is not on the mid-season calendar and has been replaced with Scrubs and The Goode Family. Ironic, huh?

I understand why Daisies hasn't been a huge hit for ABC since it actually promotes creativity rather than reality based schlock. Brightly-colored, quirky, fantasy shows will not resonate with all viewers, but then again watching washed up celebrities prance around doesn't either.

The thing is ABC has the chance to set up a pretty fun night if they just gave Pushing Daisies a shot. For example, you could have an hour block of sitcoms by pairing up Scrubs with Samantha Who?, follow that up with Pushing Daisies, and round out the night with Eli Stone.

Now, I haven't watched an episode of Samantha or Eli, but from what I know they both have that slightly quirky edge to them which could work nicely with Scrubs and Daisies. Sure, you may turn some viewers away with an all "outside the box" night, but you could keep a lot of viewers for the entire evening.

If I ran ABC, I would put this lineup on Tuesday nights starting this winter. Sure, it would go up against American Idol, but the same is true for Wednesdays. It would make the most sense to put these shows on Mondays, but then Scrubs or Daisies would probably have to go up against How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, and House. My DVR's already working overtime on Monday nights.

So, that's what my ideal ABC lineup would look like if I ruled the world (or Disney). I just hope Pushing Daisies gets some new life, and Scrubs doesn't get crushed on its new network. Either way, it could be an interesting mid-season.


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