November 19, 2008

My TV Solutions

On one of my other blogs, I wrote about putting together a night of quirky comedies over at ABC with the hopes it would find its audience, thus helping out all the shows involved. The line-up consisted of a sit-com block that paired up Scrubs with Samantha Who (or potentially Courteney Cox's Cougar Town), followed by Pushing Daisies, and then Eli Stone.

A few days later, I read online that Pushing Daisies is running out of time, and might not be picked up for a full season. Of course, the news bums me out because I just got on the PD bandwagon, and it may be heading right for a cliff. The ironic thing for me is, ABC is planning on replacing Daisies with Scrubs (another favorite of mine). It's just funny that ABC salvages its own product (Scrubs), while possibly pulling the plug on a WB show (Pushing Daisies). At least NBC gave Scrubs a shot.

Then I started to think of ways to salvage Daisies, and the only thing I could come up with was cable. I don't understand why cable is not utilized more often. Pushing Daisies would fit in perfectly on the USA Network along with say Psych and Monk. It could even find life on Warner's own TNT. Ned, Chuck, Emerson, and Olive don't need to meet a fate that a touch cannot revive. There are other options out there.

Other network shows could also find salvation on cable. Chuck could do well on USA or SciFi, although it makes more sense to ship the ailing Heroes over to SciFi. This approach has seemed to work for Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

All of this is wishful thinking though because we all know that television is so dependent on ratings and numbers, that really good shows may fall to the wayside for mindless "reality" TV. It's sad, but true.


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