January 28, 2009

My Two-Cents on Scrubs: "My ABCs" and "My Cookie Pants"

Ah, Scrubs how I've missed thee. Seriously, that week off was not kind to me, but my favorite show came back with some decent episodes.

"My ABCs"
This was the Sesame Street episode where J.D. has multiple daydreams involving SS characters (Oscar, Grover, Elmo, and some brown one that I've never seen before). I'll admit that I was a little scared about the thought of a SS episode because it was starting to look like Scrubs was relying less on the silliness that brought it down over the last couple of seasons, but keeping the puppets in J.D.'s head worked (especially Elmo's scene - I can't wait to post that one).

The SS gang also fit in well with the overall story of the episode which focused on J.D., Elliot, and Dr. Cox picking the interns that they will be mentoring throughout the year. J.D. picks the cold Denise, Elliot picks Mini-Elliot (i.e. Katie), and Dr. Cox ends up with the slacker Ed. All three doctors realize that teaching these new interns is going to be tricky because they're too un-empathetic, too cut-throat, or too lazy. The Street homage works because it alludes to being a teacher, and how challenging it can be.

Overall, this episode was only OK, but I did have one gripe about it. It really did feel like it was supposed to be the season premiere because it re-introduces the new interns, but we do not learn anything new about them. You would think after working with these new doctors for some time, the veterans wouldn't be surprised about their deficiencies. This episode just felt out of place within the context of the rest of the season. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that they decided to go with the Courteney Cox episodes to grab some new viewers, but this would have been a stronger premiere episode.

"My Cookie Pants"
We get the follow-up to "My Happy Place", and we get our first glimpse of the new chapter in the love story that is J.D. & Elliot. They're being all cutesy and cuddly, but they're committed to taking it slow until Elliot decides that tonight is the night they reignite the physical side of things, which causes J.D. to throw his scrubs bottoms at her (we learn that he's just tossing dirty clothes at her, which I found hilarious). J.D. goes to work while Elliot has the day off.

At Sacred Heart, J.D. continues to turn Denise into a more compassionate doctor, while Dr. Cox mulls over accepting the Chief of Medicine position. This is where the episodes gets good because we get to see J.D. connect with Denise as a mentor, and we get to see Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso become closer. These characters are starting to grow up like we knew they could, and it's exciting to see. The show is definitely setting up Dr. Cox relying on Kelso for some help with his new position, and this storyline is going to make the season great...I can just feel it.

Of course, now that Elliot decides to sleep with J.D. she's all in her head and starting to freak out. Carla's out of town, so she goes to Turk for advice. After some awkwardness due to Turk knowing what J.D. does and does not like in the bedroom, he gives Elliot some great advice which is if it's going to work she needs to let things happen naturally. Elliot takes this advice, and when J.D. gets home she's sitting on his bed in her cookie pants (i.e. fat pants), without make up, and her hair a mess, but J.D. still thinks she's beautiful. The true sign of love is when your lady still looks good, if not better, when she's dressed down, and J.D. shows Elliot this perfectly.

I know that the J.D./Elliot relationship is not going to be front and center this season, but I'm loving these episodes because they make me feel hopeful. I've always been one of those saps that believes in soul-mates (that's why I was a Joey/Dawson fan), and now we're seeing these two together like they've always meant to be. Plus, their relationship is no longer based on sex, or loneliness, or insecurity...they're together because they want to be with one another. How can you not love that?

Now, we just need to get Robin and Ted together on How I Met Your Mother, and all will be right with the world.


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