March 1, 2009

Catching Up On: PSYCH

Thanks to Leverage I'm totally giving cable network shows a chance via Netflix. I just finished up the first season of Psych, and I wasn't too psyched about it (*rimshot*). Overall, it's an entertaining show, but the premise starts to wear pretty thin after a few episodes. You see things others can't and you have to sell the psychic gimmick with random flailings of your appendages...we get it, but it does make the stereotypical police procedural a bit more entertaining.

I guess my biggest beef with Psych is the main character, Shawn Spencer (played by James Roday, who is apparently from San Antonio). I'll admit that he has some pretty funny moments, and plays the part well, but to be honest he's kind of a douche. His whole "look at me" persona along with his super perceptiveness just gets grating after a while...especially when he's messing with his best friend Burton 'Gus' Guster (brilliantly played by Dulé Hall). Sure, their dynamic calls for Gus to play the straight man to Shawn's manically comedic "psychic", but you just start to feel bad for him and wonder why he's friends with such a jackass. The other supporting characters are OK, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of Det. Juliet O'Hara (played by the super-cute Maggie Lawson).

Right now, I'm watching the second season, and while it is more of the same, I can say that I'm still somewhat entertained. I'll more than likely be checking out season 3 once it hits Netflix.


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