February 24, 2009

My Chuck is Going to be Chucked?

Another week of Chuck, and another ratings disappointment. Now, I've never been a ratings watcher until this season because most of my shows are on the bubble, so I'm interested to see the fate of my favs. I kind of wish I wasn't so concerned about ratings, but there's the chance that Chuck will be the only show I watch on network TV next year, and it would totally suck if I lost Scrubs, Pushing Daisies, and Chuck at season's end.

I've blogged about how Chuck could work on the USA Network (using the Law & Order: Criminal Intent model), especially if it's paired up with a show like Psych, but some people have thrown out the idea of it moving over to The CW. At first, I was thrown off by this solution, but it would make sense since Chuck is produced by Warner Bros., which is part owner of the bastardized version of the WB. If Chuck brought a fraction of its fans to The CW, it could be the highest rated show on the network, and I could even see my favorite spy show teamed up with another nerd friendly genre show, Reaper. Unfortunately, Reaper might be on the bubble as well and it hasn't even premiered yet. Or, if Chuck is dropped by NBC, maybe it can move over to TNT (since it's a Time Warner channel), and it can be teamed up with another great genre show, Leverage. Actually, a night of Chuck and Leverage would blow my mind...I'm giddy just thinking about it.

A lot of Chuck fans are freaking out, and while I share their concerns I'm a bit more optimistic...for now. NBC gets a TON of crap from fans (then again, every network gets crap when a fan favorite show is at risk of being cancelled), but they have stuck by low-performing shows before. We wouldn't have 8 seasons of Scrubs if NBC didn't keep renewing it. They've stuck by shows that took some time to build an audience (The Office and 30 Rock). NBC has also given the critically acclaimed, yet ratings deficient Friday Night Lights more shots than another network might have. Hell, they're keeping the door open for the ratings anemic Lipstick Jungle, so why not bail out the more popular Chuck? So, while I don't watch a lot of NBC shows, I'm giving them a tiny bit of credit. I just hope I don't get burned.


Jennifer Roland said...

I don't know if I can live in a world that doesn't involve Chuck

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