May 24, 2009

My Fall TV Watching Schedule

So, all of the networks announced their fall schedules, and it looks like I'm going to have a lot of free time until the mid-season shows start.

I'll be giving How I Met Your Mother one more shot to redeem itself, and if season 5 is as bad as season 4, I might be cutting ties altogether.

The only other show I'll be watching on Mondays is ABC's Castle. I'm so pumped that this show got picked up for a second season. Sure, it's a cop show, but it's so much better than anything CBS airs. Nathan Fillion is pure pimp, and how can you not love Stana Katic. The chemistry is there, the humor is there, so let's hope the fan base grows.

UPDATE: After telling a friend I'd give The Big Bang Theory another shot, I watched all of season 1, and while it's not one of my favorite shows, it is funny enough to convince me to DVR it.

Nothing to watch on this day.

The only new show that I'm excited about is FOX's Glee on Wednesday nights. I checked out the Pilot, and it has a good combination of satire, good natured humor, and musical numbers. It could be the break-out hit of the fall, but it could also bomb because it's too good for TV. We'll just have to wait and see.

I might give ABC's comedy block a chance, but the only show that's mildly entriguing is Courteney Cox's Cougar Town.

I have thought about subscribing to DirecTV in order to watch the new season of Friday Night Lights, assuming they'd show it on Wednesdays again.


UPDATE: I just got done watching the first three seasons of Bones, and if I can catch up on season 4 in time, then I'll probably be checking it out this season. I'm also thinking about giving Fringe another shot.


This is when things will get interesting because Chuck, Scrubs, and Better Off Ted all come back.

So, there it is. I'll be watching three shows this fall. I might not even bother getting cable because it'll just be a waste of money.


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