May 20, 2009

TV Upfronts: CBS' New Shows for 2009-2010

It looks like CBS stands for "Criminally Boring Shows" because they're putting out more procedurals to add to their already overloaded slate of cop shows.

Accidentally on Purpose

This show screams of Knocked Up rip-off, but watching the buddies could be amusing. I might check out a few episodes since it follows How I Met Your Mother on Monday nights.

The Good Wife

At least it's a court room show, but it's still a procedural.

NCIS: Los Angeles
How can a spin-off be "new and fresh"? I don't care for the original NCIS (isn't that show a spin-off itself?), so I don't see myself caring about the LA version.

Three Rivers

Now, it's a procedural in a hospital. At least they're branching out. I have a feeling this show only has buzz because of the Moonlight (which was highly overrated) guy.

Pretty underwhelming stuff from CBS. If it weren't for How I Met Your Mother, I would never tune in to this network, and I'm close to giving up on HIMYM altogether after the horrible fourth season.


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