May 18, 2009

TV Upfronts: FOX's New Shows for 2009-2010

FOX had its upfront presentation to showcase its new series, and I really didn't have too much interest because I don't really watch FOX. I used to be a fan of House, but this past season was way too soapy for my liking. Never the less, I checked out the previews for the new batch of shows.


At first glance this show doesn't seem to offer all that much, but I am still kind of excited, and hope it does well because it's one of the few shows (if not the only show once Everyone Hates Chris and The Game get axed) on network TV that has a predominately minority cast. Network TV has always been accused only showcasing white shows, and it's hard to deny that assertion, so I'm pulling for Brothers from a cultural standpoint.

The Cleveland Show

OK, so I might be contradicting myself after my statements on Brothers, but I have no desire to watch The Cleveland Show, but that's because I don't find Family Guy or American Dad entertaining, and I doubt I'll like this spin-off either.


I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm really looking forward to Glee. Sure, it might be a high school drama that would be at home on the CW, but there's singing involved! Plus the show looks like it is going to dissect the social hierarchy of high school, which is always interesting material. I really hope this show takes off.

Human Target

This show kind of reminds me of Dollhouse, but a little bit more mainstream. I really don't know if I'll spend anytime watching the show, but the premise and preview have me mildly curious.

Past Life

I'm not a fan of paranormal shows like Medium or Ghost Whisperer, so I'll probably skip Past Life as well.

Sons of Tucson

One character I hate more than anything is Sock from Reaper, so I have no desire to see a show starring Tyler Labine.

So, really the only FOX show that I might be checking out this fall is Glee. Maybe I'll give House another shot, but I have a feeling I'm just going to be disappointed all over again.


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