May 4, 2009

TV Upfronts: NBC's New Shows for 2009-2010

Today, for the most part, was NBC's upfront presentation for their 2009-2010 season, and since we weren't going to hear any news about Chuck, I didn't care initially, but I decided to check out some the shows that the Peacock is putting out next year.

100 Questions

First thought, it's more Coupling (U.S.) than Friends, which isn't a good thing. NBC needs to realize that Friends was lightning in a bottle, and cannot be reproduced (or spun off from for that matter). This show might catch on, but if you want a show about the lovelives of late 20-early 30 somethings, just watch How I Met Your Mother.

Initially, I was hesitant about a show that focuses on community college, but this featurette briefly won me over. Out of all of these new shows, this might be the one I check out for a few weeks. That is unless Chuck isn't renewed, and I wipe my hands clean of NBC altogether.

Day One

I didn't watch Jericho, so I'm more than likely not going to watch this either.


I could barely stand Carla on Scrubs, so I have no desire to watch a show about know it all nurses. If there is such a thing as Mercy, then this show will not stick around for that long.


I'm a fan of Friday Night Lights, so I might check Parenthood out because of loyalty more than anything. The things is, I love FNL because I grew up in West Texas, so I can relate to the show. I'm nowhere near being a parent, so this show might not resonate with me as a viewer.


Eh, could be entertaining. This seems way better than Mercy, so gun to my head, I'd pick Trauma, but there are so many other shows I'd rather be watching.

Overall, a pretty weak slate of new shows from NBC, and don't get me started on those that have been renewed (except for Friday Night Lights) or Jay Leno. Really, my viewership of this network hinges on Chuck. No Chuck, then no NBC for me. I'll cave in and get DirecTV just to watch FNL without have to going back.


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