October 23, 2009


Tonight was the series premiere of USA Network's newest character driven crime show, White Collar.  Check out the preview...

Now, I'm man enough to admit that the main reason I wanted to check out this show was because of its lead, Matt Bomer.  Sure, Bomer is easy on the eyes, but I wanted to catch White Collar to support the Chuck alum.

While, I love the concept of White Collar, tonight's premiere didn't exactly blow me away.  It just took a long time to really get to know anything about Bomer's Neal Caffrey.  Based on the previews, I was expecting George Clooney from Out of Sight, but instead we just got some really hot looking guy not doing much.

It wasn't until about half-way in that we start to see what Caffrey is all about.  Bomer oozes the charm and charisma that would have made him fit in with Rat Pack.  There's still a lot of development that needs to occur, but for now I'm intrigued to see how this character is going to work with by-the-books FBI Agent Peter Burke (played by Tim DeKay).

I wasn't instantly smitten with White Collar like I was with Chuck, Castle, Leverage, or even Glee but I was initially underwhelmed after seeing Warehouse 13's pilot, and I really started to dig that show.  At the end of the day, White Collar has tons of potential, and I'll be tuning in to future episodes to see if the show hits its stride.


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