October 22, 2009

Watch: Sweet Caroline

Glee has quickly become one of my favorite shows on TV because of its entertaining musical numbers, insane dance moves, and of course the over the top high school drama.  Initially, I could understand why people don't like this show, but when you can combing Young MC's "Bust a Move", Sisqo's "The Thong Song", and a song from My Fair Lady, and it all works then you must be doing something right.  Let's not forget about one of last night's best moments...

If you weren't singing along to Puck's solo, then you're officially dead inside. While last night's episode had some superb musical numbers, insane dancing, and plenty of awesome one-liners ("Are you questioning my bad ass-ness? Have you seen my guns?"), it was not perfect.

The only real blemish was the fact that they tried to cram too much story into the episode (which is funny since last night's title was "Mash-up"). We have the Finn & Quinn's fall from grace, the Good Looking Jews (Rachel & Puck), the oddest threesome ever (Will, Emma, & Ken), and then we have Sue swing dancing to impress a new reporter so we could have our obligartory Jane Lynch moment.

You add all of the relationship drama with five elaborate musical/dance numbers and it's just a lot to process in 40+ minutes.

But even with its faults, last night's "Mash-up" was still fun to watch, and better than 90% of the other junk that is on television. People are probably going to hate on Glee because it's about singing and dancing, but they need to open their minds and hearts to one of the most original shows to come out in a while.


Kristal said...

Couldn't agree more!

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