November 11, 2009

News: DOLLHOUSE Canceled

I'll admit right off the bat that I'm not a fan of Dollhouse, but I do tend to like all things Whedon, so I was a little bit saddened for the DH fans when I read that their beloved show was officially cancelled by FOX.  I think most fans were not blindsided by the news since it's been getting anemic ratings while being sequestered on Friday nights, but I'm sure it still stings a little bit.

On the bright side, I'm sure Joss has plenty of ideas to keep him busy.  First, we need the sequel to Dr. Horrible ASAP.  While I know this is never going to happen, I kinda want him to go back to his Slayer days.  I'm not advocating a resurrection of Buffy per se, but a decent spin-off could do well, especially in the current vamp crazed environment (which you could argue Joss was responsible for kicking off). 

Now, I know there have been whispers about a Faith or Giles spin-off, but he could start from scratch without reinventing the wheel.  The Slayerverse is rich with content that could make for a good show, and it could be a modest hit if it's on cable or the CW.  Plus, there's always the possibility of cameos.

Then again, I'm sure there are some original ideas floating around in Whedon's head, and I hope his next venture is better appreciated than Dollhouse and Firefly.


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