September 16, 2011

Quick Thoughts: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "The Birthday"

Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries was far superior than its first effort, and after watching "The Birthday", I won't be shocked if Season 3 is even better.

From the looks of it, Season 3 is mostly going to focus on Stefan's walk on the darkside with Klaus as Damon and Elena track them down. If the show can maintain this arc and keep it as exciting as it was during the first episode, then I'll be hooked. Dark Stefan's already more interesting after one episode than Regular Stefan was during the first two seasons, and I'm hoping that the writers don't rush his return to normalcy or back to Elena. Seeing him struggle with the duality of his personality and try to maintain some humanity is far more interesting than watching him protect Mystic Falls. It's also a plus that he's not 100% evil because it gives the viewers something to look forward to: will he completely turn into the Ripper or is there still hope. Thanks to that final shot, we can assume it's the latter but you never know.

It's also obvious that this is going to be the season that finally puts Damon and Elena together (or as close as possible) as they bond while looking for Stefan. I've never been invested in either pairing, so I can't say that I care all that much, but I was a little upset at Elena after it all. It might sound cliche, but once these two finally give in to their lust, Stefan has to catch them in the act which would send him completely over the edge once and for all. That way Season 4 can be about his revenge and eventual redemption.

As for the other parts of the episode, I was surprised how intrigued I was about the start of Jeremy's "I See Dead People" arc. Plus, I'm always for more Malese Jow on my TV, so I'm glad their bringing Anna back. I was never on board with the idea of Caroline and Tyler, so watching them roll around on the bed didn't do anything for me. It sure was hot though.

All in all, "The Birthday" was a solid way to kick-off Season 3. I probably won't be writing much about The Vampire Diaries this season, but my Podcasting Partner in Crime will be recapping the episodes over at her blog, so check it out.


Kristal said...

Thanks for the plug! :) Definitely a strong start to season. Kevin Williamson & team sure know how to start and end the seasons with a bang!

Marcos said...

Anytime :)

Susan Fernando said...

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davidmillar said...

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Mickey Mcginnes said...

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