November 2, 2009

My Two-Cents on Monday Night TV: November 2, 2009

After an off week thanks to CBS' decision to go into repeats, tonight the Monday night line-up was back in full force.  Now, I'm not going to recap all of the shows, but I do want to share my initial thoughts.

How I Met Your Mother: "Bagpipes"

I was really hoping that the "Sexless Inkeeper" episode was a sign that HIMYM was back on track, but tonight's episode in addition to "Duel Citizenship" is proof that one of my favorite shows is still in a slump.  As always, there were genuinely funny moments like Marshall trying to school Barney on being in a relationship, but it quickly went down hill.  Lily & Marshall continue to be a boring couple, I'm tired of Robin & Barney being shoved down our throats, and I'm pretty sure Ted is the most useless main character on TV today. We were also subjected to more of that oh so witty HIMYM banter that insists on being a part of our pop culture vocabulary.  Sometimes this show just tries too hard.  Overall, I was underwhelmed by last night's HIMYM offering.

Greek: "Friend or Foe"

Last week, Cappie and Casey finally got back together, which meant this week was the fallout.  I know a lot of fans have not been in love with this season, but I'm liking it because they're trying something new.  They're not focusing just on love triangles, parties, and popularity contests.  Sure, all of those elements are still there, but we're getting some great character development and growth. 

For example, Evan and Cappie decide to bring their houses together by pranking a common enemy, but Evan ends up screwing his former-current-now former friend to save face with his brothers.  Now, Evan's actions are childish, but still very human.  The former trust fund baby has been given a tough hand this season, and while I didn't like how he handled the situation, I can at least understand why he did it.  He's more human this year.

Plus, we were treated to a pretty entertaining song-and-dance number from the ZBZs thanks to High School Musical alumna Olyesa Rulin, and of course we received the obligatory HSM references to boot.

The Big Bang Theory: "The Cornhusker Vortex"

Tonight's Big Bang wasn't anything special, but it was still pretty funny mostly due to Sheldon per usual.  Being a Texan myself, I thought all of the football/Texas jokes were spot on, and pretty hilarious.  It's always easy to poke fun at Texas (mostly likely due to jealousy), but most of the time the jokes fall flat, but not tonight.

Another device that can wear thin is the "two guy friends that fight like a couple" schtick, which we got again tonight, but for some reason it's so much funnier when Raj and Wolowitz are the ones bickering.  Again, nothing special, but still funny.

Castle: "Famous Last Words"

I must have been suffering from a Castle hangover due to last week's awesome Halloween episode, which was full of Firefly and Buffy references, because I really don't remember too much about tonight's episode.  I know the murder of the week was a singer, and that's about it.  I remember chuckling a few times, but it was nothing compred to last week.  I'm sure it was a fine episode, but it was hard to beat "Vampire Weekend".


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