December 21, 2009

News: ABC Plans on Burning Off SCRUBS and BETTER OFF TED


So, it looks like ABC isn't going to be too patient with its low-rated sitcoms.  News broke last week that the Alphabet Network is planning to burn off the remaining episodes of Scrubs and Better Off Ted and wrap up the current seasons by the end of January, which is shame if you ask me.

I know that the shows aren't everyone's cup of tea, and they probably shouldn't have been given an additional season based on prior history, but ABC did the unthinkable and brought them back.  Too bad their faith didn't last.

I guess I really cannot complain just as long as all of the ordered episodes see the light of day.  It's not like these two shows were going to get another miraculous renewal at season's end, so the end was just bumped up a few weeks.

Rather than being upset, I'm just going to enjoy the next couple of weeks before these two underrated shows have their final curtain calls (or second final curtain call for Scrubs), but I would have been nice if these sitcoms caught on with a bigger audience.  Then again, they've both defied all odds, and that's something not ever show can claim.


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