December 19, 2009

Catching Up On: LOST

One of my Blu-Ray player's best features is the ability to watch my Netflix Instant movies and TV shows on my HDTV rather than on my computer screen.  I can't believe I've been living my life without this option up until now.

Netflix has a pretty sweet collection of TV shows that you can easily stream to your Blu-Ray player including The Office, Friday Night Lights, and Leverage.  The one show that I've been meaning to catch up on is Lost, and when I saw it listed on Netflix Instant, I just had to add all of the seasons to my queue.

I did give Lost a shot during its first season, and I remember really liking it, but for some reason I just stopped watching it after a few season 2 episodes.  Once I fell behind, I knew it was going to be next to impossible to keep up with the twisty plot lines, and supernatural elements, so I moved on.  I probably shouldn't have...

With its final season coming up in February, I've decided to try to go through all five seasons of Lost via Netflix.  Sure, it's a lofty goal to have, but I'm confident that I can do it.  I just finished up season 1, and I remember why I liked it so much in the first place.

Not many shows can pull off a deeply character driven serial show to begin with, but when you add sci-fi and supernatural elements, the challenge becomes even harder.  Somehow Lost figured out the exact formula to make it all work.  The combination of well-crafted backstories, tension, and thrills make for some good television.

Also, one thing I liked about the first season is it's multi-layered without getting too convoluted unlike another J.J. Abrams creation, Alias.  From what I've heard, the remaining seasons do get kind of labyrinthine, but at least I'm prepared for that, which hopefully means I'll have more patience to let the plot develop.  Either way, it's been fun catching up on Lost, and I am kind of excited for February.


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