December 11, 2009

TV Report Card: Week of December 6, 2009

I'm still trying to devise a system of sharing my thoughts about all of my favorite shows that is quick, easy, and to the point.  I think this time around I'm going to use the time-tested grading system to see if it works.


How I Met Your Mother: "The Window"
This week's HIMYM was the closest the show has gotten back to its classic form.  The reason I started liking the show was because Ted is the everyman with a romantic side, and I could relate to that.  The last couple of seasons have been The Barney Show, and Ted's been non-existent.  I liked seeing Ted believe in true love, show his mushy side, and realize that he's ready to settle down.  Maybe we're back on the road towards the mother.  Marshall & Lily's B-plot also worked, and the flashback and flashforward were nice touches.  Other than that, Barney's still Barney and Robin's still trying too hard to be funny. Same old stuff.

The Big Bang Theory: "The Gorilla Experiment"
TBBT is at its best when we get plenty of Sheldon & Penny moments, and this week was no exception.  Sheldon's attempt to teach Penny physics, and her inability to get it was classic Big Bang.  Also, I loved the fact that the only thing she picked up was a backhanded slap at Leonard, and she didn't even know it. Good stuff.  The Leonard-Howard-Bernadette jealousy subplot was just OK mostly because I'm not a fan when Wolowitz dominates a storyline.  He's best when he's bickering with Raj.

Castle: "The Fifth Bullet"
This week's Castle was one of the better episodes of the series.  The case of the week revolved around a murdered artist, and a man suffering from amnesia.  The COW wasn't anything mind-blowing, but the fandom was all in a frenzy about the amnesiac because he was played by another Buffy alum, Marc Blucas.  Add him to a stacked deck of guest stars, which included Rider Strong and Anne Dudek, and it was a pretty geektastic night for Castle fans.  The best part of the episode occurred when the amnesiac got another chance with his divorced wife (Dudek), and of course we got some more family goodness from the Castles.


Scrubs: "Our Role Models"
The shine is starting to come off of the Scrubs: The New Class apple.  While last week's episodes convinced me to give this new version a chance, this week's episode was less convincing.  The J.D./Turk/Cox/Drew storyline worked, although it'd be nicer if J.D. grew up already, mostly because we
had the chance to see Turk and Cox grow as characters.  The Denise/Lucy/Cole B-plot had good intentions, but fell flat mostly due to Lucy's perkiness.  I'm not writing Lucy off as a character, and I think she could still carry the show, but I can also see why so many people dislike her.  I'm still not pulling the plug on Scrubs 2.0, but the patience is starting to wear thin.

Better Off Ted: "Love Blurts"
The second season premiere of Better Off Ted pretty much picks up where last season ended, tonally speaking.  I still think that BoT is still a superior workplace comedy compared to The Office, mostly because Ted Crisp is more believable as a manager than Michael Scott.  This week's episode revolved around Verdian Dynamic's attempt to cut down on health care costs by matching up its employees based on genetics.  Essentially, the company wants the workers to have genetically superior children that will not need a lot of medical coverage.  Now, that's good satire.


Glee: "Sectionals"
New Directions finally make Sectionals, and Glee wrapped up the first half of its freshman season in grand style.  Of course Sue sells out the gleeks, Will is still banned and Emma steps in to help out, the glee kids are trying to keep the truth behind Quinn's baby-daddy from Rachel, Rachel figures it out and tells Finn that Quinn is having Puck's baby, Finn fights Puck and quits the club, Terry tries to win Will back but gets denied, Shu convinces Finn to man up and save the day, ND win sectionals, Ken leaves Emma, Sue gets suspended, and Will & Emma finally kiss. Whew!  Of course, the musical numbers were awesome, but the final dance montage to Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck With Out You" was the best of the bunch.  It's going to be hard waiting until April for new episodes, but I think it's going to be better than ever, and will be helped out by its American Idol lead-in.


Bones: "The Goop in the Girl"
This week we get another Bones episode that is obsessed with the B&B "ship".  I'll admit that the unresolved sexual tension was a big reason why I started watching Bones, but this season has been overkill.  I liked the good old days when their attraction to one another was subtle, and the viewers were in on the joke.  This season we're getting beat over the head with all of the UST, and it's getting kind of boring.  This episode was also promoted as the one where Emily Deschanel's hipster sis Zooey guest stars, but she doesn't get any substantial screen time or good lines.  It was a waste of stunt casting if you ask me.  I still love the show, but they need to pull back on the B&B reigns for a bit.  It was also a holiday episode that involved an exploding Santa, a bank robbery, a left-wing radio host, and a half-naked David Boreanaz.  Merry Christmas!


White Collar had its fall season finale last week, so my Friday night will be TV-less.


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