January 25, 2010

TV Showdown: The Timeslot Wars

One of the downsides to watching too much TV is having to pick and choose between shows if you do not have Tivo or DVR.  Since I've moved to San Marcos, I have yet to sign up for either, which means I have some important decisions to make when it comes to my favorite TV shows starting this week.

Mondays @ 8/7c: Chuck (NBC) vs. How I Met Your Mother (CBS)


This battle used to be a Triple Threat Match when I used to watch House, but the whole "Cuddy" drama made it easy to turn away from FOX on Mondays.  This showdown is actually pretty easy, because I made the decision to watch Chuck live early on, but the only drawback is CBS tends to be the worst when it comes to posting content online, which is just exemplified by the fact that they don't use Hulu either.


Mondays @ 10/9c: Castle (ABC) vs. Greek (ABC Family)


Another pretty easy call to make because I'll be picking my favorite novelist/cop duo over the silly (but fun) college antics that the kids from Cyprus Rhodes get themselves into.  One of the biggest reasons why I'm picking Castle over Greek is the storytelling has been so much better from the former than the latter.  Too bad both shows seem to be on the bubble, so it's a good chance that both will be gone by season's end.

WINNER: Castle

Tuesdays @ 9/8c: Lost (ABC) vs. Glee (FOX)


Tuesday nights went from having nothing on, to having a few shows on (Scrubs Better Off Ted), to having too many shows on.  Things really don't get interesting until April when Glee comes back to take on Lost in a David vs. Goliath match-up.  The choice should be easy since I just started watching Lost about a month ago, and I've loved Glee from the start, but the fact that this is the final season does make it more noteworthy, so I'll probably end up picking them.


Wednesdays @ 10/9c: Leverage (TNT) vs. Psych (USA)


This match-up could have been a doozy since it pits two wildly popular cable shows up against one another.  While I like Psych with its plethora of 80's and 90's pop culture references, Leverage is by far the better of the two series, and will be getting my full attention on Wednesday nights.  Plus, Leverage has Parker, Hardison, and Eliot...it's hard to compete with that.

WINNER: Leverage

So while some nights are a logjam when it comes to quality TV, most of my decisions were easy to make.  I'm just glad we have the Internet to make our TV watching lives a little bit more manageable...and for other reasons...which we will not get in to ;)


Kristal said...

Seriously, thank god for hulu. Please hope the rumors of a paywall stay rumors.

Marcos said...

I heard about them charging too, but I thought that the five newest episodes would still be free. I'd be OK with that since I use hulu to catchup rather than my primary form of viewing.

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