February 13, 2010

TV Report Card: Week of February 7, 2010

Here is this week's TV Report Card:


Chuck: "Chuck Versus the Mask"

Apparently, this week's episode of Chuck has the fanbase in a tizzy because it started to explore Chuck being paired up with Hannah, and Sarah paired up with Shaw.  In my opinion, any fan that stops watching because of these "ships", then they're not real fans.  First off, Shaw and Hannah are probably not going to be sticking around much longer, so I seriously doubt these are going to be long-term relationships.  Plus, the creators have to keep using the "will they/won't they" crutch until its worn to a nub.  It just upsets me when people complain about character growth.  Sarah and Chuck have had plenty of chances to make it work, and it's not in the cards, so they're moving on; it happens.  I for one, like the pairings, even though it's been done before.  Every season a cute brunette distracts Chuck (Lou, Jill, Hannah) while Sarah pines after the Super Spy (Bryce, Cole, Shaw).  Sure, it's getting repetitive, but they have to keep Chuck and Sarah apart somehow.  I just hope fans unbunch their panties, and let the characters and plot develop rather than holding on to how things used to be.


How I Met Your Mother: "Rabbit or Duck"

HIMYM might actually keep me around for a little bit longer if future episodes are as good as "Rabbit or Duck", and I think it's all thanks to Ranjit.  I have liked every episode he's been in, so Carter and Bays should keep him around.  Oddly enough, one of the reasons I liked this week's episode was because it felt like an old school HIMYM, which contradicts the bitching I did last week when I said everything's getting stale.  I guess part of me liked "Rabbit or Duck" because I want Ted and Robin back together (yes, I'm one of those nutjobs), and I fell for all of the swerves this week. They just reminded me why I loved this show to begin with.  I also think the whole rabbit vs. duck debate was hilarious, and it was neat seeing Barney's comeuppance.  Hopefully, the show is back on track *fingers crossed*.


The Big Bang Theory: "The Large Hadron Collision"

Leonard is invited to see the Large Hardon Collider in Switzerland, and wants to take Penny since it's on Valentine's Day, but Sheldon insists on accompanying him instead.  In the end, Raj ends up on the trip as he should. This week's episode just further fueled my hatred for Leonard.  Sure, Sheldon approached the situation badly, and yes Penny is his girlfriend, but Sheldon was the obvious choice because you'd think helping a friend achieve a life-long dream is more important that a ski getaway with your significant other who doesn't even understand what it is you do.  I guess I'm just tired of the Penny/Leonard relationship, and I'm counting down the days until they break up.  Sheldon's schtick continues to wear thin as well, but most of his lines are good for some serious laughs.  The one relationship I wish the show would explore more of is Sheldon and Penny (not in a romantic context, but as friends) because they could really help each other learn and grow as people.  Also, Raj needs a win BADLY because he's not taking the break of Rajowitz very well.  It's getting kind of sad really.


Castle: "Suicide Squeeze"

The only real part of this week's Castle that was of any real importance was Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Joe Torre's guest spot, which helped us understand a little more about our characters.  Now, we know Beckett's a baseball fan thanks to her dad, and Castle doesn't even know who is father is, and seems to be OK with that.  The episode also had a few zingers (one at Espisito's expense, which was priceless), some good flirting between Castle and Beckett (something about lotion), and some nice father/daughter moments between Rick and Alexis.  Other than that, the rest of the episode was standard police procedural stuff, which really didn't wow me.  It was still a decent episode, but it was not on par with the last couple of episodes which knocked it out of the park (pun intended).


Greek: "Take Me Out"

Greek is pretty much back to its standard operating procedure because "Take Me Out" was all about the couples on the show...and Rusty.  Casey and Cappie seem to be working (although a rift maybe forming), Evan and Rebecca are testing the waters with one another, and Calvin and Grant are facing the obstacles that come along with being an openly gay couple.  Oh, and of course inter-Greek rivalry was thrown in for good measure because God forbid these crazy kids get along.  My only gripe with this episode is the whole "Casey has second thoughts about being with Cappie" business.  After essentially leaving Max for Cappie, and finally being back with the love of her life, now she's not so sure she made the right decision.  Usually, I like Casey, but now her wishy-washiness is starting to become annoying.  If she ends up leaving Cappie, I'm fairly sure this show is done for good.  Just saying.  Overall, this week's Greek wasn't game-changing, but it was good soapy fun.



Lost: "What Kate Does"

I'm not a fan of Kate's so an episode dedicated to her usually falls flat for me.  Her story with Sawyer on the Island is getting boring, her story in L.A. was only OK, and I'm just ready for her plot line to be wrapped up sooner rather than later.  The Other stuff at the Temple was kind of neat, and of course we have more questions than answers, but it's Lost so it's expected.


White Collar: "Home Invasion"

White Collar continues to grow on me, partially because of Matt Bomer's charm, but really it's Neal's relationship with Peter Burke that's really compelling.  The two work well with one another, but they have such a complicated partnership that it's becoming the big mystery of the show rather than what's going on with Kate.  They want to trust each other, but they just can't get over the hump.  This week we got a glimpse of them as roomies, which led to some funny exchanges, but we all know something more serious is bubbling underneath their partner facade.  We also were introduced to Alex, one of Neal's fences, and the chemistry was so apparent that I totally forgot about the other girl Neal is chasing after. I hope we get more Alex/Neal moments in the near future.



Leverage: "The Three Strikes Job"

What is it with TV shows and baseball the last couple of weeks? Last week, HIMYM used the baseball theme, and this week Castle, Greek, and Leverage all had baseball subplots.  Oh well.  "Three Strikes Job" inched Leverage awfully close to becoming my all-time favorite show for so many reasons.  First, even though the show takes place in Boston, it acknowledges the fact that it's filmed in Portland, and they have so many nods to the Rose City that I can't help but feel nostalgic.  Secondly, Eliot, Parker, and Hardison continue to be the best trio EVER!  This week was chock-full of great moments from the three including Eliot getting a sandwich named after him, Parker dancing around on a picket line, and Hardison blowing up Lucille (his trusty van).  Oh, and let's not forget the awesome Japanese sports drink commercial (think the Ichiban commercial from Friends) featuring Eliot.  All of it was pure gold.  The job itself involved the Crew trying to con a corrupt mayor, who ends up working with the FBI.  The best part of the episode was the last five minutes because we get to see the Trio save Nate and Tara, Lucille explode, and the return of Sterling.  All of this is leading up to what's going to be an awesome season finale next week. I can't wait!


Psych: "A Very Juliet Episode

To be honest, I really didn't want to watch this week's episode of Psych for the very reasons that I've listed on this blog before, but I think Maggie Lawson is kind of cute, and since this was supposed to be a Juliet-centric episode, I decided to give it a shot.  After watching "A Very Juliet Episode", I was underwhelmed, but not turned away from Psych.  Shawn was not as annoying as usual (although Jealous Shawn is not much better than Spaz Shawn), and the case of the week was kind of interesting.  Plus, I liked Juliet's old boyfriend because he seemed like a really, nice, normal guy.  My only gripe was we did not get as much Juliet as the title of the episode implied.  Ah well, I guess I'll give Psych one more shot to keep me on board.



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