April 27, 2010

News: My Cheerios

Word around the campfire is our favorite cheerleaders, Brittany and Santana, are close to becoming series regulars on Glee rather than just bit players. The two Cheerios are clearly the breakout characters, Brittany especially, so it will be nice to have more time dedicated to Brittana next season.

The only downside is the ensemble is getting too large. People already complain that Tina gets little to no lines as it is, and the same can be said about Artie (although he gets more singing parts than most on the show). It's great that Glee has such a richly diverse cast, but there are limits. Some of the characters will run the risk of becoming cardboard cutouts if they're not given more screen time to grow.

Then again, I don't watch Glee for its deep storylines and vast character development. I watch for the fun musical numbers and witty jokes. If Santana and Brittany can bring the funny consistently, then I'm fine with them taking center stage a little more often. Now, let's keep our fingers crossed that Other Asian and Shaft get some more screen time too.


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