April 17, 2010

My Ship's Afloat: Caskett

It's no secret that I'm not a huge fan of ships and those that are overly invested in the pairings of fictional characters, but I'm not a heartless bastard either. There are actually a few couples out there that I actually pull for, like Rick Castle and Kate Beckett on ABC's Castle.

Michael Ausiello is reporting that my favorite crime fighting duo will let their affections be known to one another by season's end. There are two schools of thought when it comes to "will they/won't they" couples: put them together quickly or keep them apart for as long as possible. To me it looks like the Castle showrunners are leaning towards the former rather than the latter.

Two seasons (well, one and a half since S1 was only 10 episodes) isn't a long time in TV years, so I'm a little surprised that Castle and Beckett are going to share their feelings so soon. With that being said, it wasn't mentioned that they're actually going to get together at the end of the season. I'm sure that there are a lot of people that would like to see the two as a couple, but I'm on board with them being apart for a little bit longer.

Castle succeeds where Bones fails. From very early on it was obvious that Rick and Kate were attracted to one another, but they never really hide or repress it. Unlike B&B. They may not profess their undying love to one another every week, but they overtly flirt with each other, and that's what makes the show work. Watching Castle and Beckett verbally spar, egg each other on, and give each other glances and smiles is magical. If they get together, that will all be gone and I'll be sad.

I'd like to see them together some day, but I'm still enjoying the build-up. I do agree that the creators shouldn't keep Beckett and Castle apart for too long because the fans will turn on them just like the Chuck shippers did, and it looks like Bones fans might be doing the same. I can see Rick and Kate putting their cards on the table at the end of season 2, but I'm willing to bet that most of season 3 will be them figuring out what their feelings mean. My early prediction is they'll be "together" by late S3.

Wait, the two admit their feelings at the end of season 2, but don't get together until the end of season 3? Sounds a lot like the formula Chuck used, and that didn't work too well for them. I do have a little more faith in the Castle team. I just hope they learned from Bones and Chuck because I'd hate to see the show lose momentum after it finally caught on with viewers.


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