April 15, 2010

Episode Review: BONES, "The Death of the Queen Bee"

I don't know why, maybe it's my Kiss of Death, but for some reason I haven't been loving this season of Bones, and it took a while for last night's high school reunion episode to grow on me. It wasn't until the reunion actually started that I actually started to care about what was going on.

Brennan and Booth are called to her old hometown to find out what we already knew; she was an awkward teenager with very little social skills that was obsessed with dissecting things and had an unhealthy relationship with the creepy janitor (played well by Freddy Krueger himself). Aside from the dead body, it was your standard high school reunion episode, and it didn't come close to "Chuck vs. the Cougars". At least we got a kick-ass girl fight in that episode. It was kind of nice seeing Bones get the prom she never had, and it was fitting that Booth was her "date" despite recent revelations.

The only real highlight for me was Booth (which is usually the case) because he did his best to pose as Bones' husband, which led to some cute, off-beat moments between the two. Plus, this episode was further proof that David Boreanaz will put his pride aside for the good of the show because we got to see his bad dancing, and goofy yet adorable smile while posing for a picture. I'm not saying Booth's silliness was as good as Angel's when he sang or danced, but it was up there. Booth also got Quote of the Night while slow dancing with Brennan in classic high school dance style.
Brennan: Why are you so far away?
Booth: Just keeping room for the Holy Spirit.
Back at the Jerffersonian, Hodgins lets it slip to Wendal that Angela had a pregnancy scare which led to the cliched scene between the would be parents where Wendal said he'd do right by her. Of course, having a standup guy like Wendal is too normal for Angela, and she dumped him. I swear, I was not a fan of Angela & Hodgins prior to this episode, and I like the pairing even less now. I know that Angela is supposed to be this eccentric, free-spirited artist type, but she's getting too wishy washy for my liking. Maybe some of it also has to do with the fact that I was on Team Wendal from the get go, but at least he can move on to someone that deserves him. He should double date with Booth!

The Case of the Week was pretty standard fair, but there were some nice homages to urban legends, high school horror movies, and slasher flicks, which made for a sometimes campy but fun time. The only beef I had with the CoW was it had to be the worst killer, motive, and reveal in crime procedural history. I won't go into a lot of detail, but the end was kind of underwhelming.

At the end of the night, I felt mixed emotions about "The Death of the Queen Bee" because it had some pretty humorous moments, but Brennan's social ineptness is wearing thinner by the week, and the case was not as compelling as it could have been. I will probably need to watch this episode at least one more time in order to appreciate it. Right now, it was a passable episode of Bones, but nothing too spectacular.


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