April 19, 2010

Episode Review: CASTLE, "Den of Thieves"


Tonight's Castle was both simple and complex all at the same time. It was simple because the narrative really didn't focus on gimmicks like serial killers, dead late night show hosts, or mummies. The story focused on cops, partnerships, and loyalty. With that being said, "Den of Thieves" did have its share of twists and turns.

First off, I loved the fact that tonight was an Esposito-centric episode. Usually, he and Ryan are used for comic relief and sometimes it's easy to forget that they're kick-ass cops too. Tonight was just proof of how great these two guys are. Plus, we got some Esposito backstory, and we got to see how loyal these guys are too one another and their team. Moment of the night #1 was Ryan telling Esposito that he's with him til the wheels fall off. Moment of the night #2 was Esposito introducing Castle as his partner. Pretty great stuff. Oh, and let's not forget when the boys steal the new guy's phone while he spars with Beckett.

Speaking of the new guy, I liked Michael Trucco as Detective Tom Demming. Sure, he's easy on the eyes and he's got geek cred thanks to Battlestar Galactica (and apparently V), but he seemed pretty natural as part of the team and he can stand toe to toe with Castle for Kate's affection. Speaking of the new triangle, I was expecting a little more spark between K-Becks and Anders, and a little more jealousy from Captain Tightpants, but this is just episode one of a three episode arc. I'm sure we'll get some good green-eyed moments over the next couple of weeks. We did get some good glimpses though like Castle's line about never losing which was both poignant and heartbreaking. But we all know that it's a matter of time until Caskett declare their feelings for one another, and Demming is just a bump in the road (just like Sully).

The Case of the Week was again simple but effective. It revolved around bank robbers, mob guys, and dirty cops. Pretty standard stuff when it comes to cop shows, but the simplicity of the storyline allowed for the characters to shine, especially Esposito since his old partner was involved. The twists and turns were telegraphed, like Demming being a suspect, and even though we all kind of knew who the bad guy was it was sill a good payoff; mostly because we had the chance to see the team stick up for one another.

"Den of Thieves" has the chance to be one of the best episodes of Castle to date thanks to the Case of the Week (which usually is secondary) and Esposito's breakout performance. I hate to admit it, but I missed the Castle/Beckett banter, and was expecting more of a pissing contest between the guys, but it's still early. I just hope Romantically Challenged had a big premiere because I'd hate it if Castle takes a ratings hit thanks to the freshman sit-com.


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