May 22, 2010

My TV Watching Schedule: Fall 2010

With all of the Network Upfronts completed, we all have an idea of which shows are going to be gracing our television screens this upcoming fall. I have to admit that I was pretty underwhelmed with the majority of the shows that were previewed this week, so I don't see my TV watching schedule being changed too much.

Mondays used to be the busiest night for me this seasons with Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Castle on the schedule. It was even worse when I used to watch House, but thing eased up even more once HIMYM started sucking. CBS' bold move of moving The Big Bang Theory to Thursdays was actually a blessing for me because it made my Monday night schedule more manageable:

8pm/7c: Chuck
Our favorite spy dramedy is coming back for a fourth, 13-episode (with a back-9 option) season, and it will be sticking around to kick off NBC's Monday night action block. I'm sure there are plenty of people pissed that Chuck is still in one of the toughest timeslots, but it's doubtful the audience is going to grow next season, so why throw another show to the wolves. Plus, the loyal fans won't have to make drastic changes to their habits to keep up with their show. Part of me also hopes season 4 is the last one for Chuck so the showrunners can give the fans a proper ending.

9pm/8c: Lonestar
Early on in the week I figured I'd have to catch this primetime, Texas based soap online since it was supposed to be going up against TBBT, but CBS changed things up, so now I can watch Lonestar live. I'm a sucker for con-artists shows, and it is supposed to be set in my hometown, so of course I'm going to check it out.

10pm/9c: Castle
I wouldn't have been surprised if Castle was moved to another night, like Sundays, but I'm glad it's sticking around on Monday nights. I was also relieved when I heard that CSI: Miami is heading to Sundays, and its old spot was given to Hawaii Five-0. The rookie cop show is probably not going be too much of a challenge for Castle, but it may surprises us.

Online Catch-up: How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-0

This season, Tuesday nights went from having nothing on to having too much on including Scrubs, Better Off Ted, LOST, V, Glee, and Parenthood. As time went on the only two Tuesday night shows I kept watching were Glee and LOST. From the looks of it, Tuesdays are not going to change to much for me.

8pm/7c: Glee
FOX's breakout hit of 2009-2010 is coming back for its sophomore season, and it looks like the network is confident with the show since Glee is now going to be used to help launch other shows on the schedule. I have to admit the back-9 of Season 1 hasn't been stellar, but I'm hoping that Ryan Murphy & Co. can put together a tighter 22-episode season now that they don't have to worry about being canceled after 13 episodes. I'm a little worried that Glee is still finding its legs and might not be strong enough to kick off a night, and take on a proven veteran like NCIS. Good thing it will be moving to Wednesday nights and getting an Idol lead-in at mid-season.

9pm/8c: Raising Hope
I never watched My Name is Earl, so I'm a little surprised that I was intrigued by Raising Hope. The preview for Hope that I watched this week was one of the few comedies that made me laugh a few times. Since Hope is going to on right after Glee, I'm willing to stick around for 30-minutes to see if the show is worth following.

10pm/9c: Parenthood
I watched the first two episodes of Parenthood, and I liked what the show had to offer, but I quickly lost interest and stopped watching. I'm willing to catch-up on the rest of Season 1 before fall, and I might watch Season 2, but it's not likely.

Online Catch-up: No Ordinary Family

Wednesdays were a pretty light TV day for me because the only show I really watched was Glee until it moved to Tuesday nights for its back-9, and it looks like it will still be a slow night once shows start premiering in the fall.

8pm/7c: Undercovers
Out of all of the freshmen shows debuting in 2010, Undercovers is the only one that I've been waiting for. The previews NBC unveiled this week didn't disappoint, and this show could be the break-out hit of the season. Undercovers has a good mix of action, humor, and sexiness to be interesting, and it also has a proven hit-maker (J.J. Abrams) backing it. It sucks that CBS had to sick Survivor on Undercovers, but I'm hoping that the audiences are different enough that the NBC spy show can survive *rimshot*.

9pm/8c: Modern Family
For some reason I never took the time to watch Modern Family this season, but it's too much of a success not to be intrigued. I'll probably try to catch-up on ABC's family sitcom over the summer in preparation for next fall.

What can I say about Thursday nights, except for wow. CBS has become nothing more than a bully, which happens when you're the most successful network in America. Thanks to CBS swinging its big stick around, Thursday has become the most competitive night for me, especially at the start of the night.

8pm/7c: The Big Bang Theory
I might be forced to watch The Big Bang Theory live because CBS is a prick when it comes to posting episodes online, and the other shows I'd watch at this time (Bones, Community) are usually on Hulu the next day. It sucks that I have to watch TBBT live because I'd prefer to watch Community instead, but that's probably not going to be an option.

9pm/8c: Nikita
I haven't watched a CW show regularly since Reaper's second season, and even then I stopped watching it early on, so I'm a little surprised that I'm interested by one of its shows. Nikita's premise is in my wheelhouse, assassins and action, and it could be the second coming of Alias.

Online Catch-up: Bones, Community, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe

Usually I don't watch too much TV on Fridays unless the show is about Texas high school football, and I really don't see that changing anytime soon with maybe one exception.

9pm/8c: Supernatural
I've started my Supernatural catch-up, and if I'm able to get through the first five seasons by this fall, I might be willing to tune into the 6th season.

So, it look like my TV watching schedule will have a nice mix of old favorites and a few newbies to shake things up. Stay tuned for TV watching schedule for summer, and a list of shows I'm going to try to catch-up on before the fall season starts up again.


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