May 18, 2010

TV Upfronts: ABC's New Shows for 2010-2011

Wow, based on the previews from ABC's new crop of shows, I will be watching less and less of the Alphabet Network come fall. Sure, there's still Castle, but that's about it. I might give V one more shot, but I've already given it three, so I might just have to give up on it once and for all.

Out of all of the new shows, only one really looks like a show I'd watch, and that's Matthew Perry's Mr. Sunshine. Too bad it's not on the fall schedule, but it will probably fill in once Better Together bombs and is yanked from the line-up. The only drawback of Mr. Sunshine is it looks like Matthew Perry playing Matthew Perry. I hate to say it, but he really hasn't done anything new since Chandler (and I'm a fan of his).

No Ordinary Family could be a show I could get used to, but based on the promo I don't know if it's supposed to be Heroes meets Modern Family or an Incredibles rip-off. Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz are talented enough to at least convince me to check out a few episodes, but it's going up against Glee.

The rest of the newbies are pretty much forgettable, and with no more Scrubs, Better Off Ted, and Pushing Daisies (still not over that one), it looks like I'll only be watching ABC on Monday nights at 10/9c (although I have been meaning on catching up on Modern Family).


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