May 10, 2010

Episode Review: CASTLE, "Overkill"

"Overkill" was one of those Castle episodes where the Case of the Week totally took a backseat to the Castle/Beckett/Demming triangle. I've said it time and time again, I'm not a huge fan of UST on TV shows, but Castle makes it work.

This was the episode we've been working up to since Demming graced our screens because it was pretty much a pissing contest between him and Rick. The Case of the Week gave them both a way to impress Beckett since it had two prime suspects, but them try to one up each other was all that mattered. Michael Trucco played smug well, and Fillion was great with the killer looks and puppy dog eyes. I know that we're supposed to dislike Demming, but I'm going to miss him once his relationship with Beckett ends. Is it to soon for a Tom Demming/Jordan Shaw spin-off?

The CoW revolved around a the killing of a businessman that made men's grooming products, which led to some great metrosexual guy moments between Castle, Esposito, and Ryan. Some times I forget that Beckett's even around because watching the boys interact is comedy gold. I didn't even mind the Sex and the City jokes because they punctuated how great Fillion, Dever, and Huertas are together.

"Overkill" pushed the love triangle forward, which was its job, and the CoW was interesting enough but was only the catalyst for the one-upmanship between the guys. I do hope we get some Caskett resolution soon so we can get some solid cases, and let them drive the stories for a while. The UST stuff works, but I wouldn't hate some meatier cases every once in a while (or more info about Kate's mom).

I am interested to see where Castle goes from here since next week is the season 2 finale, and the promo hinted at Castle and Beckett becoming closer. While I doubt they'll put the two together, I do think they'll take giant steps forward (unlike Booth and Brennan) by the end of the show's second season, which should make for an entertaining season 3 premiere. I just wonder how they're going to write out Demming.


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