May 19, 2010

TV Upfronts: CBS' New Shows for 2010-2011

Upfront Week continues as the Eye unveiled its 2010-2011 Fall schedule, and the moving around of current shows overshadowed the announcements of the new shows. Essentially, CBS is out to destroy NBC by moving The Big Bang Theory to Thursday nights to beat down Community, which is kind of funny since TBBT is about Cal Tech geniuses and Community is about...well, people at a community college. While I rib Community, my allegiance might be with the Greendale crew over the Cal Tech group mostly because Season 1 of the former has been funnier than Season 3 of the latter.

Also, CSI: Miami was moved out of Monday nights and placed on Sundays. When I first read this news I was ecstatic because that means Castle will not have to be David to CSI:M's Goliath. Instead my favorite cop drama can pick on the new kid on the block, Hawaii Five-O. Then I saw the preview for the new CBS procedural...

Hawaii Five-O looks sexy and interesting enough that I might be willing to give it a chance once I'm done watching Castle. I'm not too afraid that Hawaii will beat Castle in the ratings, but they both have a fresh take on an old genre, and they both have leading men that have a cult following. At first, I wanted the Alex O'Loughlin/CBS Curse to continue, but I'm not too sure anymore.

The rest of the new shows trotted out by CBS really didn't stand out to me. $#*! My Dad Says feels too broad, but it might have a few laughs, and it has the best chance of catching on since it has Big Bang as a lead-in, and will be taking on 30 Rock.

I do have to thank CBS because they did make my Monday night's easier now that I don't have to pick between The Big Bang Theory and Lone Star, but I can't help but feel bad for Community.


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