August 21, 2010

TV Report Card: Week of August 15, 2010

Here is this week's TV Report Card.

Leverage: "The Underground Job"
Quick Thoughts: Another episode where Eliot takes center stage, and it's another Southern/folksy themed job; this time around it involved miners in West Virginia. This week's baddie was an owner of a coal mine and his political "partner" who sacrificed the safety of the miners. "Underground" was an OK episode, but nothing too spectacular. I was kind of disappointed that we didn't get any more information about the Moreau arc, which has been seems to have been tossed aside for good but not great episodes. I hope we get back to Moreau and the Italian sooner than later.


Warehouse 13: "For the Team"
Quick Thoughts: I was excited when I heard that H.G. Wells was coming back for this week's episode of Warehouse 13, put the payoff was minimal because it doesn't seem like she's going to be the season's big bad after all. It was cool watching Claudia grow up before our eyes, and there were some great moments between Pete and Artie, but I was hoping for a better storyline for Wells, so I couldn't help but feel let down. At least Pete's going to get some loving with someone who is not Myka.


White Collar: "In the Red"
Quick Thoughts: This week's White Collar involved crooked adoption schemes, high-stakes illegal poker games, and more information about Kate's death. All of those elements worked, but the best part of the episode had to do with the return of Sara. I'm digging her chemistry with Neal, and maybe she can help him move on from Kate, although Alex could also make things interesting.


Psych: "Viagra Falls"
Quick Thoughts: I didn't have the chance to watch this week's Psych, and I didn't bother catching up on it online or by any other means. I have a feeling that I didn't miss much.


Eureka: "Stoned"
Quick Thoughts: This season's Alternate Timeline storyarc really has reinvigorated Eureka, and it's been fun seeing how things are being shaken up. The big twist this week involved Zoe, Jo, and Zane. Essentially Zoe and Zane have a thing going on, which really upset Jo and Carter. The addition of Dr. Grant has prompted Carter to amp up things with Allison, but it's too little too late. While watching "Stoned", all I could think about is how boring the Carter/Allison "will they/won't they" has become. The accident of the week, townspeople fossilizing, was once again less interesting than everything else going on in Eureka.



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