September 22, 2010

My GLEE Rant

As a Gleek, even I had to admit that there was too much going on in "Audition" (reminiscent of the latter half of season 1), but I also think people take this show too seriously.

While prepping for the new television season, I read a ton of blogs and listened to plenty of podcasts, and most of the bloggers/critics I read loved to point at Glee and talk about what a mess it is, or rag on Matthew Morrison for rapping. I think they want this show to be pitch black comedy to go along with serious shows like Sons of Anarchy or Mad Men, or uber quirky like Arrested Development.

The truth is, while Glee has some darker satirical moments, it's ultimately about kids finding themselves through music. As long as the show has fun musical numbers and great one-liners, I'm in. Sometimes a show doesn't need plausibility or cohesion to be entertaining; it just needs to be fun.

Then again, I'm just a fan and don't get paid to share my opinions about TV shows.


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