September 12, 2010

TV Report Card: Week of September 5, 2010

With most of the summer shows either wrapping up or having their "summer" finales over the next couple of weeks, this will probably be the last TV Report Card until the fall season starts up. Last year, I put together a Report Card for everything that I was watching, but towards the end I was only keeping up with a handful of shows, so I'm not sure when it will come back.

Leverage: "The Morning After Job"
Quick Thoughts: "Morning After" had all of the makings of a great episode of Leverage. Eliot & Hardison are playing cops, Parker was making random jokes that no one really appreciated, Nate & Sophie rekindled some of their old spark, the return of Agent McSweeten, and snipers. Even the mark was interesting, a former hockey player turned stock broker with ties to Moreau. The episode started off strong, but started to falter towards the end. The conclusion just felt like it was thrown together; the key everyone was looking for involved two pictures with different colors, which Nate conveniently figured out while being shot at? Parker just showed up to the courthouse to freak out Vector with zero explanation? I was expecting a better wrap up to the first part of Season 3, but at least we're finally delving into the Moreau arc.


Warehouse 13: "When and Where"
This episode was Warehouse 13's nod to Mad Men as Pete and Myka went back in time to 1961 to solve the mystery about an artifact that alluded former Warehouse agents, Rebecca and Jack. Time travel is always a tricky subject to tackle, but I thought W13 did a decent job and added some nice little twists like how Pete and Myka's actions didn't change the present but created the past. They even hinted at a Pete & Myka hookup but thankfully the creators gave us a swerve instead. Once again, Warehouse wasn't especially original, but they were able to put together a good episode within the genre it occupies.


White Collar: "Point Blank"
Quick Thoughts: The summer finale of White Collar's second season was one of the best episodes to date. "Point Blank" had everything. Alex was back, we finally get to hear the music box, Neal goes off the edge and goes after Fowler, we learn about what happened to Kate, and the ending was epic. In a lot of ways, "Point Blank" was the perfect finale because it wrapped up some questions while kicking off new ones. Part of me wished it was the season finale instead of the mid-season ender because I don't know if the WC creators will be able to top themselves at the end of the final seven episodes.


Eureka: "I'll Be Seeing You"
Quick Thoughts: More time travel goodness from Syfy as Eureka continued its alternate timeline arc. This time around Carter and Grant end up back to 1947, but their missions quickly became about saving Allison's life (she died in 2010 due to the shenanigans involving Grant and Barlowe). Carter ended up saving the day, and Allison, yet again and Grant's time in Eureka came to an end. I have to admit, I'm going to miss Grant, but I'm sure he'll be back sooner or later.



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