September 26, 2010

Episode Review: THE SIMPSONS, "Elementary School Musical"

The season premiere of The Simpsons heavily publicized the fact that three of Glee's cast members (Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Amber Riley) were guest starring, and boy was that false advertising.

Lisa's plot revolved around her suffering from middle child syndrome, so Marge arranged for her to attend performing arts camp where the Gleeks welcomed her with a song. That was about the extent of Glee's involvement in the episode. Sure, the three McKinley high schoolers got in an additional line or two, but their stint in Springfield was classic bait and switch. I don't even think their characters had names.

The real guest stars were Flight of the Conchords, who played camp counselors that taught Lisa about the benefits and drawbacks of being an artist. The New Zealand duo were actually pretty funny, and were able to incorporate their music based comedy routine pretty flawlessly, but I had no idea they were going to be in this episode since all of the ads focused on Glee.

When it came to the Glee kids, I thought it was funny that they were treated like so many guest stars are treated on their show. They're brought in for stunt casting, given a few lines that kind of go with the theme of the episode, and they're never heard from again. I just hope the show (Glee, not The Simpsons) doesn't get even more backlash for their all coffee and no omelet appearance on tonight's Simpsons.


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