December 6, 2010

News: TERRIERS Canceled

Official word came from FX, and it looks like the beloved but hardly watched Terriers will not see another season. It really shouldn't surprise anyone who even has an inkling of understanding about how the TV industry works because the ratings did not dictate a renewal.

While I wasn't a "fan" of Terriers, I can at least respect the show for the risks it took, and for its ability to build a very small but extremely dedicated band of followers. In the end, the show just didn't build up the momentum to be more than a one season show. Tragic? Maybe, but that's television for you.

For me, the show never grabbed any traction and the novelty quickly wore off. I could appreciate the banter between Hank and Britt, and I really liked the coupling of the latter with Katie, but there just wasn't enough on the bone to keep me around. The cases were mildly interesting, but I just couldn't get behind these characters. I'm usually a fan of dark characters and/or anti-heroes, but I didn't find Hank all that likable, and if the main character cannot draw me in, then why stick around?

That's not to say Donal Logue did a bad job because he was great as Hank. I just couldn't sympathize with the character or muster any real emotion besides indifference to mild disgust (for the record, "Change Partners" was the episode that turned me off to the show mostly due to Hank's actions). Characters do not need to be perfect, and are more interesting if they're flawed, but they also have to give me a reason to root for them. Hand and Co. didn't do that for me. It may sound prudish, but I couldn't support people who lied, stole, and cheated on a weekly basis even if they are doing good.

I don't want to piss on Terriers' grave. Again, I can acknowledge why people were able to fall in love with this show, and it's rare for any show to amass such a devout following. I just wish I was one of them. I feel for the show's cast, crew, fans, and Alan Sepinwall. Hopefully, everyone involved will be able to rebound and find other projects that can resonate with audiences once again.


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